affiliate market

  1. Linu

    Affiliated programs that pay fast related to Computers/Software/Marketing/CBD?

    Can you guys help me out regarding an affiliate program that pay fast related to Computers/Software/Marketing/CBD?
  2. Palmenmeer

    40+% lifetime commission Online Dating Affiliate Program

    Continues revenue share of client purchases starting from 40% Frequent, reliable, and flexible payment Up to date, secure, and reliable IT infrastructure User-friendly and detailed statistics via your web-based Affiliate dashboard 3rd party tracking support Marketing material like banners...
  3. kendzalo

    [Journey] Authority Blog

    Hi BHW, It's my first day here but there is no time to waste! Note: This is more of a way to track my progress and to learn from my mistakes. Suggestions are appreciated :p Plan: Create a blog around a niche that was huge 2-3 years ago but has calmed down. This is possibly a bad thing but I...
  4. rockshuvo

    [Need Help] Affiliate Sales Tracking

    is there any free tracking system available? search on google or youtube everywhere is paid tracking system.
  5. Misan

    [GET]Micro and Nano niche idea for Affiliate

    Hi guys, I've been researching micro niches from the last 2week finally I found some of them which Lil or medium competition. I hope those who want to start affiliate marketing in 2020 this list will help you out and save some time. especially for a newbie like me, even I picked one of them for...
  6. D

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, my name is Derek and hope to become a successful affiliate marketer!
  7. Pavan Teja 1

    Evergreen niches for long-term websites

    What are the most profitable niches if we don't want any revenue for 2-3 years and keep feeding the sites with content and backlinks? The sites must be legal & authoritative, and shouldn't get banned for niche-relevant content. It's preferred if the sites have a larger scope of monetization...
  8. E

    Clickfunnels or Host Landing Pages on Wordpress

    I want to create some landing pages for a new project. Should I go with a service like clickfunnels or should I build my landing pages and host them on wordpress?
  9. TheWiredOnces

    Zeropark account pending

    Hello guys, i have created ADVERTISER account days ago. after creating account some popup questions cames up from zeropark. i have answer them already , now my account is pending (Check screenshot). What should i have to do in this point ? how can i move foreword? Is there anyone have idea?
  10. X

    Need a little bit of Assistance.

    Hi folks! Thanks for clicking on my article. I need a little bit of assistance starting up in Affiliate marketing. Does anyone know where I should start? I'm a little bit overwhelmed as there is so much to it and I don't really know which path to go on. I've signed up previously for some...
  11. A

    Instagram Shoutouts For Affiliate Marketing

    Since we all know influencers have influence over their followers, if I paid for a shoutout in targeted instagram accounts would I get sales in my affiliate links? Of course we have to make sure the account has good engagement and has real followers. Assuming we have done our homework.
  12. A

    How Can I Create An Affiliate Program On My Site?

    I am looking forward to sell an ebook and want to integrate an affiliate program on my site. The affiliate program will be a revshare deal between me and the affiliates who will be interested in selling my ebook. I am planning to make the revshare deal 80/20 or something similar to entice more...
  13. T

    [Affiliate marketing] Which are the best things to start with for newbies ?

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to affiliate marketing and I want to know which are the things to start with : Amazon or ClickBank ? Blog articles or Landing pages ? The best paid traffic source ? and thank you in advance.
  14. Sfjklm

    Affiliate Marketing 'courses'

    The f internet is full of those "successful internet marketer" who trying to sell you expensive training courses. You know, they earn about 2000$/day and all they do is making videos every day telling people that..and how they have the knowledge to 'share' for only 799$...bla bla..... Is...
  15. trainee2015

    CPA traffic Types

    Hello folks I hope you all are doing well. Among many CPA traffic Types I know: Search, Mobile, Social Media, Banner, Email, Contextual, etc. I would like to know if any one forbids sending mass traffic through blogs or forums ?. I will appreciate your help on this question.