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  1. Didou

    I need one last piece of advice from you, please!

    Hello everyone I've decided to turn off Ezoic ads on my blog for both personal and technical reasons. My only income source right now is from my commercial articles monetized with the Amazon Affiliate program. However, I have a large number of informative articles that I'm wondering how to...
  2. M

    Cold calling affiliate plan ? Is it good?

    I'm planning to call targeted clients in order to offer them VPN services. This call would be cold calling strategy.Is this good idea? Thanks.
  3. Omni Knoweth

    Blue Print: How To Legally Access Market Places and Payment Gateways Like Stripe, Paypal, Clickbank, Shopify, eBay, 2Checkout, etc.

    Blue Print: How To Legally Access Market Places and Payment Gateways Like Stripe, Paypal, Clickbank, Shopify, eBay, 2Checkout, etc. From Our Several Endless Research, We Came Across Lots Of Methods! Many were outright scams and it took me time and after series of falling for many, losing...

    Vertical trends in 2022

    Hi there, Were wondering what the trendiest verticals in 2022 are? Are there any new promising verticals emerging? What should an affiliate be on the lookout for?
  5. R

    lead generation for home improvment and solar quotes??

    Any one having success generating Leads for Home improvement and Solar? to be specific leads of roofing, windows, flooring quotes etc and solar installation or repairing quotes. If anyone is having succes on this leads generation for the niche, contact me, or just leave a reply here i would like...
  6. Arminio marketing

    Start affiliate marketing ?

    Hey every one i am asking my self every day if i should start making affiliate marketing but i never get the right answer so i am asking you guys SHOULD I START AFFILIATE MARKETING ? and if yes where i can learn some good way to do it thanks
  7. L1ckMyDorr1to

    Link to a single product or a category? (Amazon & Etsy Affiliate)

    Hi, Is it better to link to a specific product when you put your affiliate links? or should I put a link to the whole category? does it even work like that lol If I'm correct (Put link to whole category --> User finds a product inside my affiliate link to the category --> I get money) > (Put...
  8. A

    20% Commission website

    Amazon selling trend is going up day by day. Without Premium Tools amazon selling is impossible and those tools costs thousands of dollars to any one who want to hunt amazon products. The people who offer their services of amazon also needs those tools. I found a website that is offering those...
  9. D

    Native ads for COD affiliate product with $6000 ads Budget

    Hello I want to run COD offers with a Native traffic source and I have a 6000 USD budget so which Native ads network is the best For Asia and Europe GEO? previously I was run a campaign with MGID with an 800 USD budget but my campaign was not profitable. I think for low budget my previous...
  10. itarikul4

    looking for quality content writer

    I am looking for quality content writer for affiliate marketing and also guest post. This is for long time and I want to a personal writer who can write with custom instructions. You can submit with your skype and your sample work. Please don't apply with others sample and if you want payment in...
  11. M

    Problems met at the beginning of affiliate marketing career

    Hello everyone! :D I'm Jakub from Poland. This summer I've started my adventure with affiliate marketing and at the beginning, I met some difficulties. I would like to know the problems you faced at the beginning and you are struggling with at the moment. I wonder if I'm the only one who has...
  12. C

    Aff Marketplace for my Crypto Course

    Hello, I have created a fantastic video course on how to invest in Crypto Currency. I am having a hard time marketing it because FB and Google do not like Crypto. Are there any Affiliate Market Place where I can list it? I also have a book that goes with it that can be used as a lead magnet...
  13. ComicCityy

    How good its Twitter traffic for Adult Offers ?

    Hey there BHW friends I want to start again to work with adult content but this time i wanna try Twitter traffic not Snapchat... My plan its to work with 20 acc Twitter (for start ). Ofc i will work with robit to manage all the acc (auto post, auto like, auto follow etc etc.) I will create...
  14. NabZ

    Affiliate Website Question

    Affiliate Marketing Newbie question What is the best practice for new affiliate site? - Do I create a site that only promotes one products from different brands? --> I.e If my niche is clothing, my sub-niche is SHOES, do i just promote Nike shoes....Adidas shoes...Jordan shoes etc?? - OR do I...
  15. J


    hello everyone, I have recently got into this and one needs to admit that it not easy! it is really confusing and 2020 is defo not the right time to get into this, however i m willing to persist.. i just need some advices and guidance please. It seems to me almost impossible to upload un...
  16. The Seer

    Journey to $2000/month by December (Affiliate marketing)

    So this's my first-ever journey. I am posting it for motivation So here is it. Since Google will eventually screw you anyway, even if you are snow hat, I'm not gonna leave my fate in their hands this time around. Meaning that I'm not gonna depend on SEO. Sure, I will try and rank the site...
  17. C

    Gearbest affiliate program

    I would like to know more about this gearbest affiliate program. I'm going to start dedicated site to promote their products. But I saw in some articles saying that we need to have a website or socail media account with good traffic. If i start new site that will not have "good traffic" at the...
  18. Davelabsterp07

    Best Affiliate Marketing Network

    What other Affiliate marketing network can you recommend aside of Clickbank which I am already signed up with. Just looking to scale up.
  19. RomanJ

    Auto and car repair email list over 150k+ emails

    Recently one of my partners acquired organically grown auto emails that are over 150k strong, we need some good affiliates to work with to put these emails to work. Very open to suggestions and potential partnerships :) Thanks!
  20. Harnur

    How do i Target Mac Users?

    My offer converts only for Mac users. Which advertising platforms other than pop/pop-under/native allows targeting based on OS type. Thanks.