affiliate manager

  1. Magnus Skyprivate

    [Long Term] Affiliate Program Account Manager

    Our story Our product is an adult-entertainment, human-to-human video calls marketplace covering international markets with the main focus on North-America, EU and Colombia. On top of it we had to build the fintech (payment) layer. is our affiliate program and one of the...
  2. JonathanFerrari

    I need a Virtual Assistant for Finding/Talking with other affiliates.

    Hello there, Would like to hire someone who knows about affiliate world / offers / networks etc. What is needed is people who have contacts with other affiliates (crypto trader promoters are prefered). Yes, i'm an account manager but not saying of which network because i don't want to...
  3. Oldelf

    Hello from New Delhi :)

    Greetings ! I always wanted to join BHW but I was busy working full time for a client from last 5 years. And from last two months when I was looking for a new job, I realized that I need to heal up my skills and surround myself with people who get me energized. And that was only possible if I...
  4. andrewadultforce

    New to BHW! Advice? Tips?

    Hey guys! So since I'm somewhat new here I figured I would make a post to introduce myself! My name is Andrew, I work as an affiliate manager for Adultforce, the largest porn network in the world. I live in Montreal, Canada. I have come here to spread some knowledge on affiliate marketing as...
  5. Affmy

    Affiliate Manager needed

    WE ARE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WITH AN EXPERIENCE IN ONLINE ADVERTISING: At least 1 year of experience in advertising networks (AD networks / CPA Affiliate grids / Digital agencies); Having a client base in our segment will be a big advantage; Excellent communication skills, understanding the...
  6. Marusya911

    Hey there! :)

    Hi everybody! My name is Mary, I am a newbie here and I'd like to introduce myself and my company. I am 22 years old and I just start to learn everything about AM, but company where I'm working is consist of proffesionals, so I am in safe hands. I am glad to be a member of the forum and hope...
  7. Geth_Prime

    Looking for Maxbounty approval

    Hi everyone I'm looking into fast approval for my Maxbounty account. Is anyone here is a rep from Maxbounty? That would be really helpful. Thanks
  8. CRjimmy

    Why you haven't made money

    Your traffic and your ads don’t match together Not every offer is going to convert with just any type of traffic. Whether that traffic you’re working with comes from Social Media, an ad network, or from a Mailing campaign, all these traffic types tend to respond to certain kinds of offers while...
  9. Lilach86

    How to buy deposits?

    Hello, I'm a media buyer who wants to try and buy on CPA basis (action is deposit). Any tips on where can I find affiliates? Is it like finding traffic from networks/direct publishers in terms of research? How much do I pay for a deposits on Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3? How can I stay away from...
  10. Ybba Semad

    Can't Reach MaxBounty

    Hi, does anyone have problems getting in touch with Max Bounty? Tried reaching my affiliate manager for two days, calling all day during business hours EST. I only get voicemail. Got an email from a different affiliate manager who claimed he tried calling (no missed calls). He didn't leave an...
  11. naresh9698

    Any New Affiliate Network Need Affiliate Manager

    Any CPA Affiliate Network Need Affiliate Manager.. Ping Me On Skype:- clicksandpay I'M Handle Affiliate's Very Goodly Because I Speak English And Hindi Both Languages...
  12. Gofobu

    [WATCH] New Clickbank Animated VSL in Parenting = Easy $$$

    Dear Blackhat Friend, give me 2 minutes of your time and I'll show you how to bank big in a huge yet completely virgin niche. Check Out our Newest Offer Before I ramble on and on how great this offer is, please take 2 minutes and have a look yourself: Millions of babies are born...
  13. fastlinks

    [JV] SEO Software Looking For Jvzoo or W+ Product Launcher

    I have one seo software need to launched on jvzoo or warrior plus network, but i don't have time to make the sale page, jv page etc. here is the product call MarketSpy: - It can analyze base on keyword to get the important seo metric for top 100 google result - it can analyze keyword that do...
  14. alexmmc

    Looking for Affiliate Manager

    Hey i'm Alex, I'm Looking some Affiliate Manager Anyone interest to work in dating affiliates marketing?? anyone have traffic?? I'll give u per sales commission and special bonus for Best Manager every week :) talk with me if u have affiliates and traffic don't knock me any newbe please S K...
  15. M

    best affiliate software 2016? (for the site owner)

    Hey guys, I'm building up my website and an integral part will be affiliates. I realize that there is cj, clickbank, etc etc, but most of them require 1 years worth of proven sales to be accepted ... at least CJ does, i haven't called the rest of them. so... I know there are tons of (i...
  16. BusinessSmack

    Looking for an AM

    Our network is looking for someone who has a teachable traffic method. To profit you can become an Affiliate Manager of new affiliates eager to learn your method. Ideally you would have your own traffic method you could help others with (This could be a software solution). If you do not have a...
  17. SRProfitKing

    I came across a site For noobs looking for good networks to join

    a few months ago i was searching for affiliate companies that pay weekly and stumbled on i'm not sure if you have heard of it or not but its pretty great it ranks all the affiliate companies and gives reviews of them and even affiliate managers so you can talk to...
  18. J

    freelance affiliate manager

    freelance affiliate manager i am looking to employ - affiliate account manager for each country or territory new site redesign going live today / tomorrow (big slick poker) We currently only offer poker, bingo and side games; (but we are adding a sports book in the next few weeks)...
  19. blackma

    What is the story with Affiliate Managers?

    I was emailing my CPA AM the other day and stopped to think what kind of guy this guy is and why does he do this job, which I think kinda sucks!? I mean, you are positioned to believe that he is all knowledgeable and is indeed your manager like a manager in an 9-5 office job. But any time I...
  20. H

    Affiliate shaving

    I have a VERY STRONG feeling my affiliate manager is shaving a massively high percentage of my leads. Whenever I confront them over it they get very quiet and start avoiding me all of a sudden. I know I'm sending them sales because of the amount of people that enter through a converting keyword...
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