1. Porter.parter

    My journey: $200.000 per month on OnlyFans models

    Hi, this is porter.parter from the Fermio Agency. We do OnlyFans model management and now I will tell you why I decided to share this journey. Lately from talking to agencies, personal experiences we have gained so many insights: About traffic, chatters, supervisors, company management and many...
  2. AntiCCC

    [JV] My Team & Offers + Your FB ad Expertise

    Hello Black Hat World Members, I hope this post finds you all well. If you are a skilled media buyer with a proven track record in running successful Facebook ad campaigns, this opportunity might be perfect for you! About Me: I am an internet marketer with a passion for promoting offers...
  3. P

    UGC Messages Instagram DM's

    So I have a lot of Instagram accounts that I have been using to push my products, I am using the parent / child method to gain traction and follows to my parent Instagram account, Some of my account I am using to get followers are pretty women that I have had model for me. The thing is I am...
  4. iamleewalker

    Where to find templates for creatives. Top 8 sources for videos and images

    Throughout the working process I find myself forced to design creatives. To do that, I need templates. So, today I’ll share with you a few of my sources with templates that you can use to create sciatic and video creatives. Where to find templates for static creatives If you’re running ads...
  5. IronBots

    Looking for Affilate Program Advices

    Hello Everyone ! My journey with Amazon is over. For very silly reasons, they closed my account without even warning. I am looking for affiliate programs like Amazon where I can advertise on social media (Twitter, Reddit, Telegram). I'm open to suggestions for programs that I can use for any...
  6. hello_world:)

    what is the best way to make profit from a streamer fans base!

    hi, I have a youtube channel with the main content of a certain streamer funny moments and that kind of stuff and as we all know u cant get monetized with this kind of content i can get 10k to 30k views per day ( i need to put in some work to get the theme ) so what the best way to make some...
  7. Anamul Haque Rakib

    Need help about CPA in 2021

    Hello BH world I was parasiting Google in Free Method. But now I have a problem with the index. I tried PDF which i learn from BH, I can post on gov and edu site but the problem is when I post a PDF they delete it. I used to promote the social sites Facebook and Insta but IDs have become...
  8. seoforlife12467

    Has anyone used Fiverr Pal and made money with it?

    Has anyone used Fiverr Pal and made money with it?
  9. D

    i want to learn affilate marketing

    Hey is thare any one who can teach me affilate marketing i have only one android phone and internet nothing els i realy want to learn any one can help me pleasure
  10. P

    Emailing - AFF

    Hey guys, I have a lot of emails even like niche. I can get every day 10-20K new emails on niche what I want. How can I use these emails best on Affiliate? What I shoud sell? And how I should sell? Is there any expert on this? On affiliate marketing on emailing? Any help is welcome.
  11. G

    Forums promotion

    Hello, We like to hire a person to promote our websites in other languages forums. Send DM to discuss
  12. M

    Need Help / Hiring with Cpa

    Hey Guys, Im not really new to the whole CPA and do have a basic knowledge of what it is and what you need to do. Im currently hiring / looking for someone to help me. I have accounts on Cpalead , Cpagrip , Og Ads & Clickbank Etc. Im currently looking to make sales but unfortunately i...
  13. G

    Video hosting Affiliate program

    Hello. We are looking forward to promoting the video hosting Affiliate program in other language forums. Can anyone help us with the list or where we can promote our website? Right now we are promoted in WJ
  14. D

    Where can I pay for ads - adult.

    Hey. I have some budget to invest in passive income. I'm already running my ads on FBAds & GAds. Where can I also do it with similar audience quality? (or maybe less). Also I'm doing only adult traffic. Thanks for help!
  15. D

    Instagram Comments to generate sales

    Hello BHW, I am looking for some tips and advice. Me and my team leave comments under peoples post trying to promote for a brand, offering a discount and an "ambassador" spot if they purchase a item from the website. It is all done manually but we are having significant issues with Instagrams...
  16. Alexbru

    Journey To Make $1000 with Instagram using Affilate Marketing and Dropshipping

    Hey Bhw, I'm a 15-year-old student from India looking to make a passive source of Income. I already made $8k From IM using Adsense And youtube but now this doesn't work so trying something new. I'm starting this journey to make myself remind to work on the task. I'll try to update it every 2nd...
  17. Mercedes-Benz

    CB Rev-Shere Question

    Hi I don’t really get this. So if someone buys token I get 20% of what he has spends. Does it mean that he need to sign up on Chaturbate with my Rev-Share Link? But what is if someone is already signed up on Chaturbate?
  18. PatronE Osem

    Cpa+Instagram Method Journey to make 10$-120$/day- NEED HELP!

    Hello everyone, i wish u to help help and help me, bcs you don't know how ur help will make me happy. I'm very newbie to Cpa Network Marketing. Sorry for my shitty english Im gonna talk a about my life story here (u can move down to the method if u dont want to read): I live on a shitty...
  19. lukeo

    Best Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commission

    Hey everyone, i am getting in to affiliate marketing and feel as though i have it pretty sussed out but the final thing that i am trying to figure out is, which affiliate programs are the ones worth promoting. I would like to promote something of value to people that they may actually need as...
  20. arberzylfiu

    [QUESTION] How to advertise Jvzoo products for beginners

    Hello guys! I want to start my journey in affiliate marketing. I am a complete beginner, but do I have some understanding of how things are supposed to go, just need to implement my planned methods! Along the way I wanted to ask you guys how my plan sounds and I am open for any type of...
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