1. TheWiredOnces

    How do i receive PayPal payment without PayPal account.

    Hi Hope Everyone having great time. The post title might sound odd. But I am having some trouble in my PayPal account receiving payment from affiliate network. Is there any website or service where I can receive Paypal payment and those website pay me in other payment method like crypto, WMZ...
  2. FireAds All-In-One, Innovative Affiliate Network!

    Greetings to the members of BlackHatWorld! We would like to introduce ourselves. We are FireAds – an affiliate network operating worldwide with thousands of partners who successfully monetize their traffic! We have been working in Polish and global markets since 2011. Thanks to our...
  3. ATuringtest

    What has more chance of converting own Web Link or AFF direct link?

    What has more chance of converting Web Link or AFF direct link? I use direct links to the affiliate landing page atm should i set up my own shop instead and bounce the links from that ?
  4. Pawlaka

    [NEED] Adult traffic to autoresponder.

    I have already configurated autoresponder on WhatsApp that sends to cam site. Where I can found horny people for it? I tried with Adult Friend Finder and related sites, but everything there is paid, so maybe you know some free alternatives? Just need a page where I can create a fake female...
  5. T

    The ad-center network is good at the present?

    The ad-center network is good at the present?
  6. DigitalShark

    How to monetize website with virtualcurrency?

    Hello, I am making a site that is going to be monetized using virtual currency. For now I only know CPALead, is there any other aff network that provides the same?
  7. DigitalShark

    Best popup and popunder network?

    I am wondering what network is best for popups and popunders?
  8. DigitalShark

    Can Aff Network know how I get my leads?

    I am curious can they see the quality of my leads if I use prelander with a button on it. Can someone explain this to me?
  9. MrJames85

    Affilliates for Norway, sweeden and denmark

    Hi I need affilliates for norway sweeden and denmark. You can pretend u english. 30 % for first sales. I will leave the post open and when u get paid please say so so others know. When you have over 200 euros in income you get paid the 2-4 of each month. this is not a scam and i will post screen...
  10. awingwen

    Seeking for content posters, 1000$+ per day is not a dream ~~

    Hello, I am seeking for content posters on the different sales forums, topics about consumer eletronics or men/women fashion. Request: 1. Aged accounts, 1+ years for any relevant topics forum or blogs; 2. Able to edit and share more details with users, we will provide the basic product...
  11. S

    How long before Adult Friend Finder Purchases Show up on Stats?

    How long before Adult Friend Finder Purchases Show up on Stats?
  12. S

    Domain Masking With Adult Friend Finder?

    Hi, anybody experienced with AFF? Is masking a domain name allowed for Adult Friend Finder? or any of their sites for that matter?
  13. T

    AdultFriendFinder aff program

    I have some questions regarding AdultFriendFinder affiliate programs. AFF has three types of programs: Per Member (PPC), Per Order, and Percentage Affiliate programs My question is: For example, if I send a visitor to AFF by using the Per Member (PPC) program, I earn $0.5. Now let's suppose...
  14. L

    [Questions] Strategy for Myspace

    hi, One of my first posts here, but I have read a bit. Anyway, my current status is I am working on my own bot to handle things using php/cURL...I have gotten the code working well enough to log in, and send a friend request (without a note). Ok here is a bit of stream-of-consciousness for...
  15. blackma

    I Need A Good Weed Affiliate Program that ships free to UK/Ireland

    Hey guys, I like weed. I want to sell the legal variety, you know the stuff you find in head shops. I have googled it, there are quite a few so...... To cut a long story short I was wondering if any of you guys have promoted this stuff and can recommend a trustworthy crowd to promote for...
  16. D

    top 10 affiliate networks

    Hi, I wanted to get your opinions on who you think is the top 10 affiliate networks out there. Thank you
  17. T

    What should I do?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the Black Hat Forum... Been reading it for a couple of days and a lot of the stuff on here is really good. Anyways, I'm an 18 year old engineering student with some (not much) free time. I've been reading, searching for a way of making a decent amount of money online...
  18. N

    Good way to hide your link

    I don't know if the idea was posted before, but it's pretty simple. First, you need to understand that they can see the page from which your leads are coming from, obviously. So lets say you were clever and made a page that redirects to your affiliate link (say yourdomain*com/aff.php), it looks...
  19. S

    which AFF plan is best?

    I was wondering which AFF plan is the best to go with, If I'm planning on using Blackhat methods?
  20. fear91

    Small AFF earnings :/

    Hi there all BHW Members! Im sending UK traffic to and for 1 signup AFF is giving me 0,5 cent! (lol). I've reached 50% conversion rate so I should be given 1$ per signup. Why I'm earning so low?
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