adwords cloaker

  1. avc975

    Best Cloaker for Google Ads ?

    Can anyone suggest the best Cloaker for Google Ads. I have been using JCI for a long time and it has been successful so far. But there are doubts. I would appreciate a response from anyone using JCI Cloaker who could tell me if its okay to use the cloaker on the landing page, I usually donot...
  2. Sam Brenner

    Do i need a cloaker?

    Hey guys, i have an ecommerce store for which i'm looking forward to advertise on google adwords. And i recently found a vendor on bhw selling cheap loaded adwords accounts. But in the instructions he has stated to use a unique domain for each account. But how will i afford to get a new domain...
  3. B

    Google Chrome & Cloaking

    Hey, Don't laugh if this is a stupid question but I think this is important. What is the significance of google chrome in content cloaking. Especially when you are using a cloaking platform. Is this something a cloaker must avoid?
  4. B

    Cloaker Needed To Manage Justcloakit Campaign

    Hi, I am looking for a pro who is already using justcloakit or any cloaking solution. We can have a great deal. I am trying to beat adwords and survive with any possible resources. Inbox or comment so that I can contact you with further details Thanks,
  5. B

    Manual Reviews

    Someone has suggested not to cloak at least 2-3 days after campaign is started. I read about it. Few cloakers have opioion that they review your ads manually in 2 -3 days after you create them. Is it true or just a myth? What do you think?
  6. B

    Setting Cloaker

    I am using following setting for cloaking. Site A/fake is my fake site that hosts the code Site A/fakelanding is landing for bots Site B My Money Site I am using technique with no redirection. Display url remains same the content is loaded from money site without display url being...
  7. Sunny A. Pt.

    *CLOAKING* TechSupport PopUp Calls

    Hey BHW Do anybody know HOW TO CLOAK POPUP In TechSupport Process Plz Help with CLOAKING
  8. Sunny A. Pt.

    Happy New Year BHW Members & Staff

    May 2017 brings you much more wealth And BHW as always with us So, Let's Rock And Earn $$$$$# Thankx - Sunny
  9. shikha_123

    Help Me for PopUp Cloaking in TechSupport

    I'm Shikha. Plz Guide me @Terminal15 I'm new to techsupport call generation i am Good in Adwords But, don't know Cloacking Please Help me with CLOACKING ! 1. For TechSupport Calls Generation : i have to do MANUAL CLOACKING, or i have to use any CLOACKER SOFTWARE ? Please Masters...
  10. J

    Looking For A Professional Cloaker

    Hey Guys, I have got a big trouble in my business. My entire business rely on cloaking. I am good at adwords and bing but can't really stop adwords to stop my campaign. I get a ban twice a week. So, I am giving up on my cloaker and looking for a new one because I know that people out there are...
  11. J

    Who can create cloak my wordpress squeeze page for Adwords?

    I have several squeeze pages and I am looking for someone who can cloak them so Adwords wont ban them when I send leads directly to it. If this is not possible then excuse my stupidity, if it is please pm me or post here with your offers
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