1. DevilData

    Google Ads Account for Sale - BlackHat and Any Campaign -

    BlackAds FAQ How long is the delivery time? Usually, we process it within 1 day after payment confirmation. Can I add my own payment method? We do not recommend using a payment method other than the one already attached. How do I replenish the account? Please send funds in cryptocurrency...
  2. vladmcc

    Agency Google Ads accounts with spending!

    Hello BHW! We are a small team of PPC specialists, we want to offer you old google ads accounts with spending at prices slightly below the market What accounts can you find with us: Geo: CIS(Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, etc.) Currency: USD and EUR Spend: from 100 to 100.000 USD...
  3. Harnur

    How to hide text inside the image from Google?

    I am making some banner ads. The text inside the image is not passing moderation. Google can read the text inside the image. Is there a way to hide it(from Google) or trick Google into thinking something else? any help wud be appreciated, thanks.
  4. H

    How do I get low CPV (cost per view) for In-Stream YouTube Video Ad in Ad-words?

    I am able to create and run a successful In-Stream Video ad campaign for YouTube, Targeting India only but my CPV is not going lower 0.07–0.08₹. There are some advertisers who are providing skip ad views at cheap rates. I want to know what is the secrete of lowering the CPV for In-Stream Video...
  5. B

    how do i appeal to google ads suspension if i'm running a high risk business?

    hey guys, few months ago i tried to run google ads for my iptv subscription online store, but apparently google suspended my account claiming they've detected suspicious payments in it. Now i'm trying to appeal and see if they can reactivate it even though it's selling iptv subscription and...
  6. R

    Google Adword Ad Accounts and Facebook Ad Accounts for Sale

    Welcome to our ad account service! We offer real aged accounts with old campaigns for sale at great discounts for bulk buyers. Facebook accounts cost: $100 – 2 years aged, geo USA. Google ad account cost package 1: $349 – one year old accounts | Geo – USA, Philippines, Europe, India. These ad...
  7. speedie

    Has anyone here ever tried ?

    Hey guys, I stumble upon this automated ads management platform for Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Instagram ads - I am thinking of using their service but not sure if they can be trusted. If you have tried their service, please tell me your experience with them.
  8. buyreviewnow

    Google ads expert

    I need someone who is an expert on running google ads campaigns. Please inbox me for details. Thanks
  9. darkcloudn

    I need to set up a campaign like in the picture but don't know how to do it, can anyone help me?

    I need to set up a campaign like in the picture but don't know how to do it, can anyone help me? Thank you !
  10. D

    Adword Accounts Sale

  11. lancelotz

    HIRE Google ads BH Runner ( Pro Only )

    Hi im looking for Google ads BH Runner.. casino sites.. im willing spend 300$/day 1 campaign Don't Chat If u not capable to do it and tell me ur id on this forum... and don't ask payment in front.. will pay full after see the ads live.. because so many scammer in this forum.. Sorry to Strict...
  12. B

    Is JCI still working in 2022? Any better cloacker for G ads?

    Hi guys, Anyone know the best cloacker for Google ads in 2022? Is JCI still working or they scamming? Read some reviews that they take money and not providing service, if anyone have any help please do reply.
  13. jason haney

    JV Google Adword Account (Your Accounts+ My Skills} Postpaid/Prepaid/Threshold/Real Accounts

    Hello BHwers, I am looking for JV partner Who is consitent and have good knowledge in arround Google adwords accounts Creation. I havd tons of Experience in Running Adwords Accounts so i will share good Profits on Accounts you will provide. My campaigns are Clean with no Clocking or any...
  14. CloudCreator

    Google Ads Campagin

    How I can earn with Google ads campagin? Looking for newbie guide to start earning with these. I have bunch of old G- ads account none of them used.
  15. T

    I'm Looking for profissional Adword Threesold

    PLease I try to create a lot of AdWords thresholds without getting success please I'm looking for the method how I can create a successful AdWords threshold my method. before I use AWS RDP + Brave no extension + card wise + via temp email or Gmail no one works please what is the problem always...
  16. gymlet

    Is there any way to make use of Google Advertisements without using a personal CC?

    In the past I have used virtual card services like Revolut just fine on Facebook and Pintrest for advertising, but the rules and standards set by Google are pretty brutal. When you use a virtual card like one on Revolut, Google will mark your billing information as suspicious since it is not a...
  17. harshmarsh

    Spy on Competitors Display Ads

    Hello Guys, I am running few ad campaigns and I am looking for any tools that would show me my competitor's display ads so that I can take them as a reference which can help me to bring a better outcome. Can you guys help me to get this tool's name? Someone recommended SpyFu, Semrush, but it...
  18. Krio

    How to view old text ad copy?

    Hello, Is there a way to view old text ad copy? I had a campaign with a certain text ad copy which did okay, after experimenting with different ad copies over the months with the same campaign, I kinda forgot what was the initial one after changing it several times , so is there a way to see old...
  19. cpanewbiehere

    I never thought My Issue With Vcc will Ever Come For Gads

    Hi there, Been a user of Google Ads and using Vcc and vba is my first priority rather than REAL CARDS, so.. Its been good days and suddenly since yesterday not getting any VCC source, and VBA is having issue to link as they are unable to verify using direct login. And Direct Login is the best...
  20. T

    Need Help with Ezoic and AdPushup

    Hey, everyone, I am planning to move my main site to one of the google publisher partners as they claim to increase ad revenue. My current Adsense RPM is decent but I think it can do better. Which is the best and most reliable Publisher partner? I have seen a lot of negative reviews about Ezoic...
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