1. Sky Max

    A Newbie Need an advice ..

    Hello BHW members ! I'm new here and this is literally the beginning for me I've made Facebook my traffic source, I want to make a blog or a website, but I don't know what to focus on ! the way I made my traffic is by using model identity and start posting her pictures, it worked but I...
  2. Bigcookies

    How does Xrumer work

    I just attempted to use it today but Im not getting any traffic and my success rate is deplorable In total ive had 4 successes 0 partial successes 146 profiles and everything else (5470) is at rest but what does that even mean
  3. C

    Looking for Advice

    I am new here, perhaps this isn't the best place, but we shall see. I have ran several campaigns in the past and had technical difficulties as we scaled (roughly 3 reg/min.). Finally this is resolved, now we can take on 10x concurrent leads. My problem is, not sure if my approach is the best...