1. beastkay

    Let's talk about adult marketing networks, CrakRevenue v/s Adverten v/s Lospollos v/s iMonetizeit

    Porn reupload method is really really old some of us thinks that it's adrian method but some of IM guys says he just copied the method from someone else and I'm not getting his name on my mind right now, if you know the name do let everyone know. But whomsoever made or built the method that guy...
  2. ShehuAB

    Who is incharge of adverten on blackhatworld? need my application reviewed.

    I applied to adverten but was denied a month back, now back with experience on lospollos. who do I pm here, I have tried norkodeo, Whateverest and their official thread, no one replied me even on skype
  3. N

    Adverten Cam smartlink

    Hello, I'd like to ask a question regarding adverten cam offers: I'm ready to start my campaign,used free domain from freenom and when all redirection chain started,proper cam offer wasn't always loaded.Also sometimes even expired domains happened at the end. Does anyone had similar experience...
  4. Sardi


    HI my first time here , have been looking at this forum for a couple of months to find some answers to all my question and I want to know what is best fucking way to make profit out of a dating smartlink of an offer , what do you guys use ?? Does someone use Juicyads , trafficfactory, ect or...
  5. K

    I want to approved my account

    Thank you adverten
  6. Yrx

    Hello World.

    Hello all This is my first post. :D I really like this forum, everyone on this forum helps each other for extraordinary goals. :)
  7. djsobuj

    Adverten : What kinds of traffic are not allowed?

    Adverten: What kinds of traffic are not allowed? What is SMS traffic? Is the traffic that is coming from dating site chatting like baddo are SMS traffic?
  8. Bookmaker

    Adult Offer Help

    Hi Guys, I need your help. I found a DOI adult offer that must confirm email address and who is capped with 25 leads/day and there is a text with "we review the quality of your traffic". As I could read and understand in previous threads on BHW my traffic must not only sign up but also spend...
  9. resickh


    Hello everybody,im new here i been visiting the forum for about a month but today i decided to register and give it a try. Can somebody help me get my adverten account approved? applied 3 times now got denied thrice. Really need help im stuck.
  10. beastkay

    How to create your own smartlink for personal use?

    Hey, I want to create my own smartlink by which I can target geo's with different offers of various affiliate networks. Can I get some suggestions?
  11. weirdo23

    Friend reference for Adverten?

    Hey there i just wanted to ask is anyone here using Adverten for instagram dating cpa. They asked me to provide a friends username as reference so i can join their network since im a newbie at insta there anyone who can help me with getting accepted there . Here are the screenshots of...
  12. Razvan boss

    Another Porn Reuploading Journey to $$$$

    Introduction : Hi, I'm Razvan, I'm 17 and i'm from Romania. I have been lurking on this forum for a while and i thought that this is the moment for me to start a thread. Like others i wanted to start a journey to keep track of my stats and be motivated to continue since i am a person who has a...
  13. Med Faker

    is it that hard to get accepted in 'Adverten Network'

    Newbies can't get accepted easly in adverten ?
  14. Danny Crypto

    [Issue] Adverten : Account Blocked

    I started working from 10-12 days ago with them and I was having really nice experience and I was not at all playing any tips and tricks but tomorrow I got an email that account is suspended and then I had a conversation with my manager he told me you are sending fraud to us. ** But I AM NOT AT...