1. N

    Got ripped off by FriendFinder Networks

    So, just asking if any of you all know where I can lodge a report like to an authority or something? They owe me $ for my affiliate commissions but not responding to my email no more despite repetitive follow-ups (they have ignored me this way before this when I asked for the pending payments)...
  2. theD2

    Adult Friend Finder Acc. Deleted. Can i make a New One ??

    hello, my Adult Friend Finder Account deleted severals monts ago.. it had around 75$.. i didnt send them my complete address for couple of months even they were sending me continues mails that we need full address to mail u the check .. i thought tomorrow & tomorrow i 'll send them .. but...
  3. E


    Dear jesper, Section 9 of Medley Affiliate Network Agreement (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) requires that you submit certain Required Tax Documentation within 60 days of the establishment of your affiliate account. To date, you have provided us with either inaccurate or no tax documentation. Please kindly...
  4. E

    How to get paid members in aff?

    I Am promoting Adultfriendfinder and up till now it works well they have paid me in totalle almost 5000usd. But yet i need to get paid members? is there anyone can give me tips or sites where i can buy ads or traffic High Quality? Please let me know guys. i really need it badly i need...
  5. E

    Iusses with Adultfriendfinder .....

    Hey Guys i truly need your helps ..... i have been promoting AFF Since afew Years and they always paid me but Yet this year i brought an Golden domine name and i am getting so much sign up per day and yet my traffic is not enough as i have 8 visitor per unique. I Need at least 25 unique per...
  6. T

    AdultFriendFinder aff program

    I have some questions regarding AdultFriendFinder affiliate programs. AFF has three types of programs: Per Member (PPC), Per Order, and Percentage Affiliate programs My question is: For example, if I send a visitor to AFF by using the Per Member (PPC) program, I earn $0.5. Now let's suppose...
  7. C

    Adultfriendfinder money???

    Hi, i got some members for adultfriendfinder, but no money. it looks like that: 11 1 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 11ips, 1member but 0$? whats wrong? can any1 experienced tell me if thats normal?
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