adult webmasters

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    Looking for brokers - $5 for CPL and 5% commission

    Get paid for lead generation and collaboration promoting! We are looking for brokers who can connect us with adult webmasters and help complete the collaborations. You can get $5 for offering an effective lead (the contact of an adult webmaster). If the collaboration is completed later, we...
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    Journey to 10 million visits per month [ADULT TUBE]

    Hello boys and girls, fuck it let's start a new journey thread and go for the 10 million users per month. following on from my previous journey; What I currently have: This is just one site, I...
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    Has Corona Virus Affected Your Internet Money Making?

    Let's discuss...
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    XVIDEOS Account Tracking With Google Sheets [GUIDE]

    I'm not sure if anyone has created something like this before but I thought I'd share a little guide of how I keep track of my xvideo accounts as follows; I think allot of people would benefit from this with keeping track of ghosted accounts and accounts that get random bans without having to...
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    Video Verification?

    I saw a dude on here that was providing services for adult image verifications..does this dude do video verifications? I want to get a xvideos account verified and cannot find any decent providers..
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    How long until ROI on your adult tubes?

    I'm talking about none wordpress setups, people that have multiples servers and a high paid scripts. How long was your return on investments and income covering server costs? Currently running an adult tube coming into half way through my 3rd month...and barely making $1 a day..
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    Adult website business

    Hi there, I'm about to start producing some personal website for mainly webcam girls. I had the (not so brillant) idea to use this opportunity not only to sell my websites but to give them for free by keeping the propriety of the website and paying every model a % of her website earnings. as I...
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