adult tube

  1. A

    autogenrated adult content popunder

    hii guys i a month ago i bought a script that autogenerate adult content since is hard to rank the website. i wonder if any one of you guys try to arbitrage the traffic kinda popunders ads . is it worth it ? any advice.thanks
  2. s11

    May I get into trouble with adult tube with embedded videos?

    I want to register domain for porn tube on my real name, with enabled private whois info. May I have a problems, if I will delete copyrighted content on every DMCA request? All videos will be embedded from pornhub. The reason for using my real name - I don't want to lose the domain if Namecheap...
  3. organicpanel

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  4. ziko12345

    BHW thread featured on wp-script newsletter? Can someone link the thread?

    I got an email from wp-script today and they were showing a succes story from a thread here on BlackHatWorld. Can some please link the thread? I tried to find it but i couldn't.
  5. fpzshka

    Patreon + adult tube

    Hello, I already have big tubes and have good income but I want more and I have question will Patreon allow me make money from people who will subcribe from my adult tubes? I will not post any NSFW content in Patreon only will give premium accounts to my subscribers on my adult tubes.
  6. PikaShi

    Hello BHW

    Hello everyone :). I felt in love with this site and community so I decided to register. Apart from everything I like here, my main goal is to create and run a successful adult tube site. I will look through forums to find tips and tricks... If anyone here is experienced and want to help me or...
  7. J

    Questions regarding adult tube niche

    I've recently been gravitating to start a new journey in the adult tube niche. I've been digging for information on the forum and extern sites people recommended. However I'm still stuck with some questions and I have a lot to learn on my way. So help me out? First of all DMCA/Copyrights? I'm...
  8. Morris M Nichols

    Does our domain gets blacklisted if we get a lot of DMCA notices from google?

    Hi, so previously (around 2 months ago) i was getting around 40k tier 1 traffic daily on my adult site but after a few days i got my all pages removed from google because of DMCA complaints, but as i am using wordpress so i changed the permalinks structure of my site and site again started to...
  9. hamukione

    Wp-Script Adult tube - Keeps redirecting users to original sites.

    Hi BHW, I got an adult tube site running with the WP-Script theme/plugin. I also purchase their own "Player" instead of using the original embedded feed. But for some weird reason, if you click on the video to start/pause it, you just get sent over to the source website with the video. Its...
  10. Morris M Nichols

    Whole website again removed from google!! Need Advice

    Hi guys so i posted this thread a few days ago And to solve the issue instead of changing domain i changed the site's structure and everything went fine. From a few days...
  11. Morris M Nichols

    Whole adult website got removed from google because of dmca complaints

    Hi everyone today i received mails from GSC and all links of my website have been removed for dmca issues. I really think this is done by an competitors or an hater because even actors pages have removed from google and whole website has been removed. What should i do now?
  12. adarshak103

    Hosting and Adult tube WP theme

    Which is best offshore hosting? Did anyone used Flaunt7 hosting, if so what is your experiance? Which is best theme for adult tube wordpress site?(not like youtube type)(no customer login)
  13. pornrookie

    I have bunch of questions about seo and other topics

    Hey Everyone. It is my first real post. I will tell shortly about myself. I am living in Germany though not German. Computer science student and I was working in a bar to sustain my life s.Now I don't have a job and money because of Coronavirus. I created adult tube site 2 weeks ago. I have...
  14. Peenoi

    [Question] Keyword Idea to Rank An Adult Tube Website

    Rise and shine BHW forums! (or atleast in my area) So, i am planning to do my first Adult Tube journey and went on my quest for the mighty keyword research. Found this niche specific keyword with only one result using UberSuggest. One keyword only 49k monthly volume search SEO difficulty is...
  15. JohnArn

    My First Journey - Adult Tube $2000USD

    Reposted because mods blocked me from editing my original thread and broken images made the threads information completely useless. Current Revenue: 30$/mnth ($1 per day) Total Invested: $700 Just trying to pay my rent with this tubesite racket. Figured I'd drop my experiences as I have them...
  16. Shevrar

    [Journey] Growing an adult tube website - started on april 2020

    Hello everyone! After trying several IM methods and getting some churn n burn money I have finally decided to jump into something serious and give everything on this project! This is going to be a detailed thread, Hope it won't annoy you. What am I starting with? - I am working with a...
  17. Digital Pro

    Does Anyone Have Any Reviews On KingTube WP

    Just checking to see if anyone has any experience or reviews with KingTube WP. I have been looking at them for my project for this new year. It seems like a pretty basic system, but would like to get some input if anyone has used the system before. Also, Is it better to buy the entire package...
  18. ziko12345

    I want to build some links for my adult/tube sites

    I have a couple of websites(subdomains unfortunately), one is adult tube site and the other contain non adult pictures. I have searched a lot to rank these websites and have properly done on page seo but i now understand that i cant rank without backlinks. I have some twitter acc, also a xvideos...
  19. list

    Adult Tubes Monetizing [ HELP ]

    hello,just a newbie here my 3 adult sites are getting over 112K(last 30 days) unique Visitors per month but my exoclick earnings are kinda low. im using 3 popunders limit (5 min),banners and native widgets Most of traffics are from : United States Turkey Indonesia china ( last 30 days )...
  20. wirestyle

    Good Push Network To Use For Tier 1 Adult Traffic?

    I'm using exoclicks pushes for my adult niche tube..I'm wondering if theres a better network out there for pushes? I'm considering trying the new lospollos pushes but I'm not so sure....anyone have any other recommendations?