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  1. A

    Adult Tube Site to $5,000 P/M

    Hello earthlings This is a journey thread for my brand new adult tube site. The goal is to generate $5000 USD every month. My plan. Reupload adult videos to video providers like doodstream, bunkr, go file etc. Publish to my custom website with unique titles. Promote through SEO methods...
  2. D

    Need advice on category slug for adult niche url

    Let's say my website is maturesl*ts for example, which is all about milf content. And i have categories like bl*wj*b, an*l, etc. How do i set my category url? maturesl*ts/category/bl*wj*b or maturesl*ts/category/milf-bl*wj*b Do i need milf in the url to target the keyword for seo even if the...
  3. Z

    "Video is not the main content on the page" GSC Error

    Hi I started an adult tube site where I upload videos on doodstream then I embed them to my site using the embed code. Nothing else is on the page except the embedded video. I use the retrotube theme from WPScript on my site. I'm currently getting this issue from GSC for all the videos I...
  4. S

    how much daily income xxx tube site

    Hello, first , sorry for my bad english language. I'm reader in this website for along time . not i want to make money by traffic monetization via adult tube. i already have a fresh domain and i will use streamwish vidhide wolfstream for video hosting . i will code customize for my...
  5. K

    Do I need a CDN? Any advice is welcomed

    Hey guys, So last year I use to own an adult website (only fans leaks nothing huge), it was an image based WordPress site on a basic shared hosting plan but after a while I gave up on this project. But I recently bought two domains from a guy that use to do porn reuploads and also had bots...
  6. tingthines

    [Buying] Already Established Adult Tube

    Hello black-hatters, Just got into the adult entertainment industry lately. Now I am looking for a quick way to gain insights into the market through an established adult video platform. I am seeking a tube site that receives between 1,000 to 5,000 organic unique visitors per day from Tier-1...
  7. BossBaby

    [Journey] Starting an Adult Tube Site and Scaling to 100k visits per month

    Hello Guys, So I have been reading a lot of Adult-related threads on the forum lately and have decided to give it a try, I have been planning to start this for a long time now but due to my busy schedule and other projects I was not able to start yet, so I have decided to start a journey...
  8. bg1980

    Back to making money journey (Adult Tube and more)

    Hello First of all sorry about my English, i am not native english speaker. About me: All life long freelancer, web developer, adult webmaster and affiliate since 2001. Yes, i am old ;) I was pretty succerful till 2019 when tumblr banned porn stuff(good old days $10-15k/mo only from tumblr). I...
  9. networth

    1M$ networth - OF LEAKS ADULT TUBE

    We all know Onlyfans LEAKED content won't die soon. Why not to make a penny out of it? The website was started 2 days ago, the domain is fresh. Yesterday i manager to get around half of the videos indexed and started promoting the content on Reddit. SETUP: DMCA Free hosting - Alexhost, the...
  10. wirestyle

    Making Money From Adult Tubes....

    I see so many people posting adult tube journeys, whether it's fully legit content or leaks...I've seen sooo many people come and go in this industry when in reality...only the strong survive and keep going.
  11. M

    1M$ ADULT TUBE | TAKE NO. #2

    Yes, starting another journey on an adult website . . . My last one didn't go well because I made many mistakes. BUT NOW, IT'S PAYBACK TIME BABY The setup: - Domain: Namecheap ( I will move it to another registrar soon) - Host: AlexHost ( Just testing things out, let's see how it works) -...
  12. RedShark

    Someone help with my new adult tube

    Hi everyone, I had an adult tube in the past like few years ago and it went good but I didn't complete the project. Now I created a new porn tube (wp-script, mass embedder on VPS which I configured/installed everything from scratch) Everything is good, SSL, cloudflare and caching but no real...
  13. AriantheWise

    What is the best offshore hosting to use for an adult tube/ adult blog site?

    Hey BHW, what is the best (affordable) offshore hosting to use for an adult tube/blog site? As I am looking to start my site and want to avoid running into these issues. I see a lot of different ones mentioned and would love to hear what anyone with experience and success in this uses.
  14. M

    [JOURNEY] Adult Leak Tube - Road to 1M USERS

    O Hello everybody :D Take a seat and enjoy this lifechanging journey. O Over the past 5-6 months, I've been exploring various adult discussions, and now I can boldly declare that I'm prepared (well, maybe not entirely, but let's stay optimistic) :D O Over the past 3 months, I've conducted...
  15. Marketing Opedia

    Drip feed Weekly & Monthly SEO Plan With Mega Rank Booster | All in One Monthly Link Building Solutions

    Contact Us Skype: Marketing Opedia | live:.cid.2e358cee78dc7821 Email: [email protected] Telegram: Order Now
  16. Playmak3r

    Playmak3r - Adult Tube Journey to $$$$/day

    Setup DMCA Free hosting. (Website server + storage server for videos) KVS Script + Custom Development. Hosting videos + CDN. Total cost so far: Around $5000-ish for web development + server/cdn costs. Goal Obviously to make as much as possible. I'm ready to go - for the first year and...
  17. theseuz

    Custom ADULT Drive CDN

    Hello forum :D I want to start a new journey in the adult niche ant one of the major problems i've encountered is basically where to store and how to play videos. Of course, I can use serviced like CDNBunny or Doodstream but I want to create my own CDN network. The idea is the following: In...
  18. d11

    How much money is needed to start an adult tube?

    How much money is needed to start an adult tube including offshore hosting, domain, etc?
  19. Kadha

    [ADULT TUBE] Journey to 200K visits per month

    Hello BHW! After some inspiration from @wirestyle journey, I decided to create my own journey! Around 2 years ago I started "selling" Leaked Onlyfans content and made quite some money for a teenager. I decided to re-invest the money into an Adult Tube around September of last year. But I only...
  20. rockj7238

    My journey in the steps of Wirestyle

    Hello all, This will be a thread where I update my journey venturing into adult tube sites. Please bear in mind I am a new user on this forum, go easy on me :) Background: Over the course of the past year I have been building an OF marketing and management agency. The OF business has been my...
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