adult site

  1. H

    RevShare sucks!!!

    I am promoting Royal Cams of Crakreveue. 74 conversions and not even a single penny of profit. My traffic comes from the watermark of reuploaded porn. Most of from US, France, Canada, UK. What's wrong? Or is there anything wrong? How long should I wait until I can see some results?
  2. blackhatpr

    Need help with Adult Content Digital Presence

    Hello All, An old client of mine has approached me to manage their digital presence(web + seo ). I have almost zero experience in this. Before accepting this job. Can someone point me in the direction where to start? What are the challenges faced? I don't even know where to begin SEO for...
  3. H

    Starting a porn blog with no experience

    All tips are welcome. I am not a very technical guy, but creating websites is something I want to master, porn blog will be a good place to start since I am getting traffic already (from porn reuploading, here is my thread). To make things easier, I want to create a porn blog like this...
  4. alexfsi

    How to Increase The Domain Authority (DA) for an Ad*lt Site?

    What are some effective ways to boost the domain authority of an adult site for free?
  5. G

    Erotic stories blog

    Hi everyone! First of all, sorry for my bad english. I need some advice from you to help me understand if my "business" can be profitable or not in the long run. I read so much topics on BHW about adult marketing, but I can't find something similar to my case. I own an italian adult blog about...
  6. playbunny

    Cryptocurrency + Adult Tube $100/Day [JOURNEY]

    So I'm sure everyone on BHW has been inspired, in one way or the other, by the Journeys posted here. Special mention to @wirestyle and highroll3r. I've decided to take a spin on two common Journey types, a crypto project and an adult tube. Before i divulge the plans for this spin. To explain...
  7. H

    Having multiple domains for a porn site - Question

    Hello everyone, I have a question. I was "researching" online and I stumbled upon, and I noticed that they have loads of domains that all end up redirecting users to their paywall on They own a bunch of NSFW domains and SFW ones (SFW for ad purposes I guess)...
  8. K

    [Journey] Niche Porn Site to $4.20 a day

    Why am I writing this: I have recently been inspired reading a few other BHW users journey and it made me want to document my journey as well. I'd also like to think that by putting actions into writing it will lead me to be more accountable in following through with my goals. Backstory: About...
  9. GoldenTouch

    Your Opinion On Adult Keyword Density?

    After countless sites in various whitehat niches, I decided to start my first adult/blackhat website. I have zero experience with adult sites and one of the things that I'm currious about is the keyword density. I've always kept the keyword density low and natural on my whitehat blogs, but...
  10. A

    Adult site in germany with affiliate marketing

    Hey guys what's up. I'm looking to get into the adult space with a idea of mine. I won't go too much into detail but the gist is it will basically contain pictures, gifs and short clips of hentai porn. I will make it a "public" site where people can upload content so it's natural that some art...
  11. Y

    My site goes down with PHP 8.0 version

    Hi guys! I have a WordPress adult site built with WP script. I have the PHP version at 7.2 and I should bring it to at least 7.4 but when I switch to the new ones my site goes down with the classic “ 404 error page not found” . I don’t know if is a problem with some plugin or the Retrotube...
  12. Sam1s

    Which is the script the most of adult photo gallery sites are using ?

    What is the name of the script the most of adult photo gallery are has a very simple layout and design.really very thankful to that person who will tell.
  13. I

    Best ways to monetize my adult tube site?

    I have an adult tube site with over 2.5 million visitors per month. I'm currently using to monetize the site, but it's only generating $600 - $700 per month. What are the best ways to monetize the site?
  14. vstevenphan

    ✅ ✅ My journey to reach $10000 per month with adult tube ✅ ✅

    Hello everyone, who has a passion to earn money here :) I know there are controversial topics about starting an adult site to earn money as many people said this field is saturated enough. However, I have a lot of free time during Covid 19 pandemic. Why don't give it a try to get rid of a...
  15. A

    Adult site related query

    Hii, i have created an adult site using tubeace plugin... it's like everything is seems to be working but i am little disappointed with default videoplayer... It doesn't shows any quality settings and also when someone click on video to play/pause it redirects to that site... Is there any way...
  16. Degen

    [My journey] New Year New Beginning - Adult site

    A week ago I left a post about users that I am not monetising at all. I found a solution of sort... an adult site ! I started a HaF to create a site for me. WAY TO EXPENSIVE (do not want to throw money at this journey yet) !! So I created my own. This is by no means the best site, but it is...
  17. God of Porn

    [Journey] Creating adult sites in every major niche and outranking big sites

    Hello, Welcome to my journey, I hope you are having an amazing day. Introduction: I have been in adult industry since 2014, I have created some amazing sites but never ranked them high or worked on them more than 1 month because of my laziness. I wanna change so I decided to write down my goals...
  18. U

    Should I make a website to promote adult affiliates?

    Hi guys,I am trying to make an adult site.But I don't have any unique content so i just collect some adult pics and put them on my site.Should I continue or just make a 302 redirect to redirect social networks traffic. Ps:I am not good at English and my country has a strict censorship.
  19. C

    Domain, hosting, video embedder, theme for Adultsite

    Going to start my adult site... can you guys advise me good services providers to purchase below, Domain hosting(for embedding) video embedder theme
  20. U

    make money from adult sites

    how can I make money uploading adult images ?
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