adult niche

  1. O

    My Tons (TB) of Porn + Your Skills / Marketing / Site / Idea / Whatever

    Hello I have at least 16TB of porn and still uploading onto doodstream Inside one folder there're already 50K of girls dancing reels (maybe tiktok style) wondering if anyone's interested in JV using my collection Would appreciate any of your skill / marketing / site / platform / idea /...
  2. Sandie2018

    Where to buy photos for a website in adult niche?

    Hi guys, I am making a website in an adult niche and need to buy some photos of a specific type, for example: photos of a Latina woman in her mid 40-ties. Where can I buy such photos to be used on a website? Any ideas? Thanks
  3. ExhaustedPigeon68

    Problems with Twitter CPA Method

    Hey guys, first post so not sure whether I'm posting in the right thread but I'll just go ahead with my problem... I've been in the adult twitter niche for something a little over 1.5 months now, and it seems to me that I have had incredibly bad luck. I had great success in the niche at the...
  4. BoobsLover

    Any good possible alternative to Linktree for link building opportunities?

    Hello! I'm building high quality ******** based backlink pyramids for adult niche related website in hope to get ranked up in SERPs. In that case I'm using all types of backlinks I can, from profile ones to social bookmark. Linktree is bio ******** backlink type and I'm looking for possible...
  5. olakunkevibe

    Help, my journey as a newbie

    Good day BHW. I trust you are having a great time already. So I am entirely new in the world of affiliate marketing. (ADULT NICHE) I’ve been going through BHW and trying to sharpen my knowledge. Now I need to go fully into this and, with the help of you guys, I hope to meet my target. I’m from...
  6. TomTheCat

    Here’s a HOTLIST Where You Can Make Money as a Content Creator

    Here is a list with websites where you can sell your stuff if you are a content creator. There are more out there, but you can do keyword researching from those, and find other. If you know other websites, feel free to post in this thread.
  7. S

    Making $$ per month and scaling it to $$$ with my sites

    Right now I have 3 sites running, 2 of which I'm earning a few bucks. Site #1 Movie site: Running almost 9 months from now. I boosted this site with SEO packages that I bought here and with that I get some organic traffic. I get traffic mostly from Tier 1 which is nice. I monetized it with pop...
  8. H

    Where can I find HQ Blogs in Adult Niche accepting Guest Posts/Link Inserts?

    I am having trouble finding guest posts opportunities. Any advice?
  9. vstevenphan

    ✅ ✅ My journey to reach $10000 per month with adult tube ✅ ✅

    Hello everyone, who has a passion to earn money here :) I know there are controversial topics about starting an adult site to earn money as many people said this field is saturated enough. However, I have a lot of free time during Covid 19 pandemic. Why don't give it a try to get rid of a...
  10. eNzim

    [JV] My Adult Website And Traffic + Your Card Payment Gateway

    I'm either very unfortunate, or it seems like it's really hard to have a card gateway approved in the adult niche. So, I have this idea I would like to test with one of my partners and it can be very profitable if we are able to execute it correctly. It's an adult concept similar to OnlyFans...
  11. R

    Your opinions on pre-market idea - business model in adult niche

    What I would like to offer on Black Hat World marketplace: (I dont have anything to sell this is just THE IDEA) The IDEA is to give newcomers or marketers a very simple ready to use tool for making money (Like a shovel in gold fever). Kickstart Tube Site for adul niche Features - HTML, CSS...
  12. thesilverhawk619

    Best adult hosting service

    Hello, I am still new into this so asking genuine experience from the community members. Which is the cheapest and best hosting provider for adult niche sites..? Thank you.. :)
  13. MrWatson2018

    Virtual Assistant Needed - Adult niche

    Hello, I need a virtual assistant for a very easy task, similar to copy-and-paste, involving social media and adult niche. No content creation, no copywriting required. It is copy-and-paste basically. I provide the content and specific instructions. The task takes about 90 minutes a day to be...
  14. S

    [WP-Script] Do I need to buy whole Package or specific products?

    Hello friends, I'm new to Adult tube niche. I have ready many threads on this forum and most of you guys are using WP-Script so i have decided to purchase it but i'm confused, do i need to buy complete package that costs $297 which is really costly or any spefic products like WP Mass Embedder...
  15. Nedronproo

    My jorney to 200$ a day ADULT CPA

    Hey i start to do adult cpa 2 mounth ago i'm not getting to much lead i start with no money just free traffic sorry i can not say the method that i use this is my revennue in 2 mounths if you can help me with any twist to get more leads i will be happy
  16. beastkay

    Looking for a network - adult niche pps - having 1 millions USA smartphone numbers

    Looking for a network who can call on phone numbers and after calling drop the phone number by a text in which we have the offer. Is there any network here? I've 1 Million USA Cell Phone numbers (male + female) mix Can anyone monetize this data?
  17. ziko12345

    Free video hosting for an adult tube site

    Hey people! Sorry if this is the wrong section, i didnt know where else to put it. I want to start a couple of adult tube sites and i want to upload videos in a host or sth. Free hosting is a must bc i dont want to spend anything at first. I am open to all suggestions. It will be good if yoi...
  18. M

    What messenger should i use for adult traffic?

    Hey guys, i've been out of of the adult niche for a while so i don't know the current trend for which messenger people use for adult traffic. Could someone here care to enlighten me onthe popular messenger people currently use for adult traffic?
  19. D

    Update on the 3 week old Porn Studio I started from PornHub

    Hello BHW! It has been 3 long weeks of uploading, keyword/title optimizing, and social media marketing. If you don't know, I started an amateur porn channel on PornHub with original content I filmed. The goal was to generate 10-20k views in about 1 week (which is light for porn viewership) and...
  20. 35:13

    What can I do with one dedicated proxy and one SIM card?

    Hello, I have some adult content which I want to monetize it, so the complete question is: How to make money with adult content, 1 dedicated proxy and 1 SIM card? Appreciate your opinion, Thank you!
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