adult affiliates

  1. T

    Looking to get my own affiliate on my adult video so that website partners can promote my website and earn commissions. Could hire a pro

    Here is my request and answer from a conversation with chatgpt: Me i am waiting to get approved on crack revenue and adultforce has no explanation about how to set a campaign. I have created a campaign name and added A tag but I'm not able to move further. chatGpt I understand your...
  2. Bajanman

    Hosting for Adult Classifieds (Escort) Site!!!!!!!

    I have a customer that has an adult classifieds website that we are assisting them with. I would like some suggestions about the best options for hosting a site like this. Thx guys
  3. malam

    Adult affiliates that accept chat traffic, sms traffic

    I am looking for high paying cam or dating affiliate program which accept mobile chat, sms traffic. Anyone have this experience please share.
  4. S


    Hello guys, I am new to the forum and I need help from everyone who is in the adult industry. I promote pay per sign up adult links in UK sites and recently venntro blocks everyone. I have used countless numbers of vpns that only worked for a couple of days then to no use after that when...
  5. T

    yo from ph

    Hi its jay from ph newbie. Hoping this site will help me to be more lucrative and productive.
  6. T

    yo from ph

    Hi its jay from ph newbie. Hoping this site will help me to be more lucrative and productive.
  7. E

    WTH - Expert marketing adult website (verified with experience)

    Hello, We have developed a website which is identical to livejasmin, everything working and ready. Looking for experience marketing team in the adult field. *Experience with setting up affiliate network *Adult monitization *Adult traffic Must be verified users with proven skills. We have a...
  8. M

    My Adult Website Journey

    Hi BHW! I'm new to IM and i currently have 2 projects on the go. One is an adult site and the other is a SFW authority site. I've lurked and researched here for a little while and the project where I am most unsure of myself is my adult website project. So I figured why not make a journey...
  9. cheifyc

    Make money with porn tube sites?

    Long time lurker, first time poster here. So I just read a method someone posted on a different forum about 2 years ago and wanted your thoughts on could this actually work, or if anyone has ever tried this and had success. This method just seems to easy. The Method: Sign up for adult...
  10. M

    New Adult Affiliate Program Directory. At Least I Think It Is....

    If you're running adult CPA offers, I found this awesome site that lists all the programs, payouts, and landing page previews. Complete with a link to signup for the individual network and a search bar. It's called XOffers. They seem to be adding new networks/offers everyday so far, So it...
  11. A

    UK Adult Toys Affiliate Program

    Hi Guys have set up a new affiliate program. They are offering 20% commission on every sale. The website is very good and has high conversion and the prices they offer are cheaper than other UK websites. There is a number of creatives and banners for you to use and will...
  12. V

    Need few adult domain names with emd available ..

    Hey guys I need help in identifying some good adult KWs with available emd. Is for CPA redirect. Plz provide suggestions.
  13. V

    How to make money from adult n/w without a website ?

    Hi Guys I am looking for a good method to make some money through adult n/w like awempire without having a website. Which type of traffic is allowed and how to get that ? Any help is appreciated.
  14. A

    XVideos - new promo tool is out now!

    Dear Webmasters, ACWM Biz and Xlovecam would like to announce the release of a new promo tool ? XVideos. It comes with an easy to use interface that allows you to search for video content and use in on your websites - we provide you with the iframe html code. All available videos are manually...
  15. A

    AdultGamesPartners Affiliate Program for Webmasters. FREE SIGN UP!

    AdultGamesPartners starts a new affiliate program in the adult flash games section. It's a great chance to earn money either for beginners or for advanced webmasters. You can make your own game portal and add the section of demo games at your already active website. As soon as you register, you...
  16. H

    Launching a unique program - would anyone be read a journal showing steps, results, etc?

    Hello everyone, I've been a webmaster for 10 years and made good money online for even longer. I and partners I've teamed up with over the years have made money from a lot of different things including affiliate programs and my own products and services. We are in the process of launching...
  17. IndianGrad

    Adult Affiliate that pays for free sign-ups for international traffic

    Hi guys Please suggest some Adult Affiliate that pays per free sign-up for international (non-US/Uk) traffic. Thanks in advance :)
  18. K

    Adult site and mainstream Affiliates

    Hii!! I have been reading a lot of stuff on BhW and using this knowledge i set up an adult site.My site is having enough traffic,so i decided to join affiliate programmes namely commission junction and click bank. The problem is that most of the networks affiliates or cpa don't allow adult...
  19. HookUPcom2 seeking affiliates - Up To $4per free or $75PPS

    PRIVATE BLACK HAT WORLD SPECIAL OFFERS!!! seeking affiliates - Up To $4per free or $75PPS * Pay Per Free is on US, UK, Canada and Australia traffic. Up to $75 Per Paid Join US, UK, Canada and Australia. $30 all other countries. Not looking for fake profiles... We are all...
  20. B

    Any network that offers 'Faceb00k of s3x' like landing pages?

    I have been researching for ad*ult/da*ting net*w0rks that offer these landing pages that are similar to faceb00k. So far I found: h0tfuckb00k which redirects to xxxblackb00k when sign*in up. I found their affiliat3 is l0adedcash The thing is they give 1.5 for each fr33 sign*up but you need 2.5...
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