adult affiliate program

  1. T

    Looking to get my own affiliate on my adult video so that website partners can promote my website and earn commissions. Could hire a pro

    Here is my request and answer from a conversation with chatgpt: Me i am waiting to get approved on crack revenue and adultforce has no explanation about how to set a campaign. I have created a campaign name and added A tag but I'm not able to move further. chatGpt I understand your...
  2. naughtynewell

    Journey To Building A Better Cam Site

    Right. As some of you may be aware I've done a few of these over the years, and always petered out pretty quickly. I'm a programmer. Elsewhere on this forum I've got a thread detailing some code I wrote that makes it easier for anyone to built a decent cam site that leverages Chaturbate's...
  3. Mr.Whitehat

    Arousr - Phone Sex Affiliate Program - PPL, PPS, Rev Share Offers!

    Hello folks, Danny here representing, A Phone Sexting Platform Online. AROUSR is a mobile chat service where customers can connect with real, live chat hosts to share fantasies, pictures, video clips and more. I'm looking for affiliates interested in promoting a phone sex affiliate...
  4. S

    Looking for adult traffics

    Are there any adult traffic, I have adult product website we can cooperate
  5. B

    BoxxxCash - Adult Affiliate Program

    Utilizing the ever-popular NATS system for affiliation, BoxxxCash allows our affiliates to promote BoxTruckSex's unique content (in public sex niche) in a way that's already familiar to most industry folks. New affiliates take advantage of 50 percent lifetime revenue for any leads they provide...
  6. gentishady

    Chaturbate and Crakrevenue what should I do?

    Hi all , I'm doing chaturbate and crakrevenue but still no conversions Here's my results so far (chaturbate) (crakrevenue) I took cam offer on crackrevenue Royal Cams offer but it didn't convert so I redirected to chaturbate 20% rev share...
  7. eaglesWTF

    ADVERTEN.NET | Smartlink CPA Network - Adult, Dating, Games, Sweepstakes - Weekly payments!

    CONTACT US Email : [email protected] For fast response please use contact form on or LIVE CHAT on website >> CREATE ACCOUNT NOW <<
  8. chiddy

    Crackrevenue Close account if you make too much PPL

    Almost a 6 months in got up today to see my account close . Reason being usual activity even sad because this term I made a sale , I change up and started doing PPS and but still more PPL , but they close my account because I made $350 in 15 days usually I would make $280-300 in 15 days . My...
  9. cpachain

    Be Carefull From Philippines Affiliates

    Almost 90% Philippines Chatters Affiliates are Scam They Send Fraud Sales Every Network They Know How to Send Fraud Every Network Becarefull from PH They will Destroy Your Program
  10. VirtuaGirl

    We now pay per install :) up to $1 for your desktop traffic

    Hi guys. VirtuaGirl, the only software that brings beautiful girls stripping naked on your desktop, is rebranding into iStripper. To support this change, we are launching a PPI program. Unlike most ppi networks, we have a super clean software. By that, I mean we are not an adware or a virus...
  11. Dascsa01

    Why most of adult affiliate program does not support Paypal payment method?

    I was searching for adult affiliate program that supports Paypal but only found one. On the most of the sites main payment method is Payoneer. May I can ask,why most of adult affiliate program does not support Paypal payment method?
  12. JDNYP

    Adult Ad Network Better Than CrackRevenue Free To Join

    Some of you might know this ad network, some don`t....if you are promoting adult offers, i advise you check this one, it has many types of promotion tools. Much better than crackrevenue :) and Free To Join
  13. P

    What are some of the best Adult Social Networks to join for Conversion?

    I'm starting a new Halloween campaign for a website I market for. Unfortunately I'm not sure which sites are the best to market on and get the most exposure to the right clientele . This is my first time marketing for the adult industry and my research just keeps turning up dead ends. Any...
  14. T

    Newbie need dating/adult affiliate program

    Hi. I'm newbie and I'm looking some dating/ adult affiliate programs. Programs may pay via Paypal and easy to registry. Tks. (Sorry about my english)
  15. T

    Adult Affiliate Program - 3$/Download

    Hi there. Recently I have been producing my own 1080p HD porn. Actress is my erm..bang-on-camera friend. I guess? Anyways. We sell digital downloads at $12 a pop. You bring me downloads by putting banner ads on your high traffic adult site, you get 25% per download. ($3) Before you say "Nobody...
  16. T

    Looking for an Adult Dating Network for PPS offer

    Hi I'm Looking for a Adult Dating network That has PPS (iframe) offer's. Pays on CC trail. Right Now im working with One but i'm not satisfied by their conversion ratio. So i'm looking for a better one. If Anyone has these kind of network please Let me know. And if you want to pm me please don't...
  17. A

    XloveTube - free webcam tube editor

    Dear Webmasters, XloveCash is happy to announce the release of a new tool that combines several converting options into a Free Tube Script. XloveTube is the perfect tool for all webmasters who would like to add a tube section to their sites, with exciting incentives for their adult visitors...
  18. Z

    Which Adult Affliate Program Would You Recommend

    Hey All! Currently new to the field, I was wondering which adult affiliate program/network would be best. In a perfect world, I want my site to consist a link to a cam site (currently looking at SNRCash), a dating site (currently looking at Adult Friend Finder), and then have at least one...
  19. P

    Searching good International Adult-Affiliate-Program PPL/Revshare

    Hello World,8,1 :) I am looking for some adult affiliate program which pays out, no slacking at all and is good working. Last try was AdultfriendFinder but they sucked donkey balls. With international i ment networks like CrakRevenue or English only things like Livejasmin. Maybe someone...
  20. M

    New Adult Affiliate Program Directory. At Least I Think It Is....

    If you're running adult CPA offers, I found this awesome site that lists all the programs, payouts, and landing page previews. Complete with a link to signup for the individual network and a search bar. It's called XOffers. They seem to be adding new networks/offers everyday so far, So it...
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