1. Kadha

    Preview NSFW videos on Reddit

    Whenever I post NSFW videos from redgifs to reddit the preview is always like this: I find it impossible to compete with users who post images when I only post videos, they are able to show a full preview of the content on the image post, while video posts only have the the link as the...
  2. jinxedsoul

    adult cpa smart link question

    How do i get custom link for the adult smartlink im promoting? i usally just direct link it through something like linktree but i keep hearing the words domaine, cloaker, redirect, lander...etc but i could not make sense of it. if anyone here is nice enough to explain or send me a video on how...
  3. DMT

    Any Adult Services like SEO - Traffic ?

    Any services that i can buy that are good for Adult sites ? Just got my site running and i wanna invest in SEO and Traffic. Suggestions ?
  4. DunderMannen

    Snapchat to 32$/day

    So... I got a bit inspired off the other guy that started his journey here recently. So I decided to revive an old adult snapchat of mine. I was active on it a year ago, and back then it got about 300 views on story but it really didn't have any monetization. This time, I'm back and going to...
  5. redandrew

    Clone any online open directory to your onlystream account without saving files to your disk

    There is a plenty of open directories containing movies and videos available on the net is a great website where you can share videos or save them to your account with huge storage to use the advantage of open directories there is an android app Save to onlystream to help you...
  6. Digital Argonaut

    Problems and Questions I'm Having With My First Adult Website

    Hello mates, About 2 weeks ago I decided to start my first journey- adult website, My goal for this site as my first journey is not big, 20$/day. So I've bought an expired domain with some backlinks also a wp theme and by now I've uploaded around 250 videos on Verystream. The method I've...
  7. Takurah

    How many people on here are converting using Patreon?

    PATREON and the DOUGH Love the consistency that this Adult niche brings I made a Adult Visual Novel Game and I currently posted ONCE ONLY ONCE a site called f95 and got a Patreons I make around 20 to 25 dollars monthly via Patreons. Screen shot: Looking to grow my...
  8. A

    Ask about cos adult

    How to promote cpa adult offers? , The best traffic source for this offers cpa Thank you for all
  9. C

    Best free or paid solution to deleted videos on Adult Tube?

    Hi, I’ve been having this problem for awhile and I’m not aware of any plugin that can auto-delete posts wher the video is deleted. The only way seems to do it manually. Are you aware of any plugin that can add a report button near the video so I can get a message (that makes things a lot easier)?
  10. high mike

    Help with forwarding adult domains to crakrevenue offers

    If anybody knows how to do this through godaddy, all my adult domains are registered there. I want to enter the adult space but without the website building portion. Can somebody shed some light via reply or PM whichever i would greatly appreciate it.
  11. K

    Amazon & Adult traffic (Redirected Domain)

    Is it possible to get caught bring traffic to amazon through a Website (Domain redirected to amazon affiliate link) which is promoted on adult sites?
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