1. C

    The Revenue of a General website with 50.000 page views per month

    Hello, I want to ask you the Revenue of a General website with 50.000 page views per month. And my network which I join is Ezoic. Thanks for help. Btw, Although general site but the main field that I get most traffic is Gaming, Science & History.
  2. Milagro

    Pin verified Germany Adsense in exchange for something

    Hello guys I have Germany pin verified Adsense and I don’t really know what to do with it anymore since payoneer has changed their account and Germany Adsense no long accept it I would mind to exchange with payment received ezoic Adsense or other reasonable ads to my greet team managing...
  3. Nw_Work

    Applying for Adsense planning ahead

    So I have 2 ideas which is basically get smm website traffic of 100K hits or Adwords 100K hits which do you think will help to get into adsense? I think if I used Adwords then google knows that it is all paid traffic and that the website lacks in real visitors? So isn't smm traffic better for this?
  4. dkv023

    Pagination on articles

    Is it bad idea to use pagination for articles (the article divided on 1,2,3,4 parts)? I do it because: 1) to get more views on adsense ads. When a user first sees my article, the ads not showing. Because of new adsense algorithm (they dropped ads on little visited pages). But my CTR is bad...
  5. S

    Im Starting A job in Internet, please review my journey and give your advice

    hi guis i have some knowledge about creating a website and i know many engines, i heard about google adsense and other sites like it and i want to create a website in COM or NET domain and Hostgator Host, also install Avarcade Script with 10,000 minimum games, also i want to buy for 20$...
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