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  1. M

    How to show targeted Ads that relevan to keyword ?

    Hello guys i just wondering how i can show only ads that relevan to my keyword. sometimes even i have high cpc keyword but when the ads not showing about my keyword it's just useless. maybe you guys can share how to that. i am new on adsense and still learning. im trying to use viral website...
  2. bulldogzg

    KEYWORD EXPLORERS - finding awesome keywords for you @ $8 per KW! Start banking today (Approved)

  3. vcd0304

    [Gift to BHW] Exclusive Adsense Keyword - 1000+ US search/$3+ CPC/Low Seo Comp/High Adword

    Dear all BHW, Feeling a bit ashamed of myself, been here since 2008 and haven't contributed as much as other newer members. If you care to read, here is my story... I was born in HK, but moved to Australia since I was 8, been living there for 13 years - mostly by myself since I was 18, my...
  4. P

    Making money using google adsense keyword tool ?

    I was wondering if it is a good ideea to create a website using the keyword tool from google. Is the Global and Local Monthly Searches from adsense a good path to go? Using the top wordwide searches like "liam hemsworth" which is in massive growth you could create a website containing the...
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