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    0 Clicks on Adsense in last 8+ hours on 1kUVs

    Is also anyone experiencing this? For some strange reason, adsense is showing me 0 clicks on almost 1kUVs in last 8 hours or maybe even more. In last few weeks I gotnon average 30-45 clicks on 1k UVs. I don't know what to do. It is quite "scary". PS: most of this traffic is organic from google.
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    Question PPC Clicks

    I can Provide Safe and Unique Traffic/Visitors for PPC and CPM Networks and Also the Clicks on ads, for better CTR. Where can I get the buyers? Or where can I sell? Already tried Fiverr but didn't worked.
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    For google Adsense

    found a great tool for translate all contnet and multiply pages. great for adsense.
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    autoblogs adsense help

    hi, i need help, i have 10 autoblogs, everyone make more or less 120 unique visitores/day (10x120=1200/day) and have only 50 or 60 adsense impressions is this normal? what i have to do to increse adsense impressions( and clicks) Thanks in advance. Please help me.
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    IS Clicking own Adsense Ads Via Sock5 ips, a good idea?

    Hello, i was wondering this question for a long time. Can anyone please give me advice on this? I had clicked some of my adsenseads 2-3 times via different sock5 ips, a few months back (only for a day). But my adsense account is still safe. I am now hesitant to continue the clicks and i...
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