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  1. A

    Some help with AdSense, please?

    Hello, i don`t understand why AdSense reject my blog. If someone can help me with any information i will really appreciate. This is the blog: Thank you!
  2. HeadOfSeo

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    For Contact Please Comment Here or Sent Message Via BHW PM [Review Copy: "Molnupiravir Package" AdSense Vaccine Site with 20 Article For Test the Service] Total 30 Free Review Copy Available for 30 BHW Member 2 Copy For Administrator 2 Copy For Jr Executive 10 Copy For Jr VIP Member with 500+...
  3. Chielou June

    Help Required for a new blogger

    Hello BHW members, Am planning to buy a couple of expired domains and start blogging. I need a few suggestions from the veterans here. I will populate each blog with 50+ new plag free contents. I have one adsense account already (70$ in it as well). 1. When should I add my site to adsense ...
  4. P

    adsense question

    hello everybody! As adsense doesn't allow albanian language in the articles, i was wondering if its possible to write the content in albanian language in images and the text of the content to write in english? Time ago i have seen something similar, it was a wp theme that was doing this...
  5. $pectro

    Want to start a blog but need help - More than 100k IG followers

    Hello to everyone! In the past months I have grown several Instagram account and now, one of them has reached 100k followers and I think it's time to have a good money plan (since now I have made decent money with it but I want something passive and more consistant). I thought about several...
  6. Ahmad Sholihin

    Where is the best place to sell blog?

    Hello.. I have some adsense blogs but now I think I'm gonna change my profession to be a designer. Some of them have thousands of content since I start 4 years a go. Traffic is not so high but I get pay out in every month. Some of them have good earning before Fred update at march 2017. But now...
  7. kavericro

    Need 3x Adsense Blogs designed in IM niche. (MLM, BIZopp, Make Money Online)

    Hi all, I'm looking to get 3 Blogs Designed - I'll provide the domains,logins and hosting as well. Things needed to be done is to make an Adsense Friendly Blog with High CTR % and and to create at least 10 "high quality" articles that are readable. None of that super spun stuff please. Not...
  8. shaqsquash

    [FREE] Tool Creates Mobile-ready Adsense Sites in Less Than 3 Minutes

    I started coding this a few months ago and have been using this privately for myself to build my php skills and have decided to create a free site for it to BHW members and anyone else who needs it. I was going to release this in the marketplace eventually but it will be released free...
  9. tech4816

    AdSense CPM is $8 and CPC is $12 and Getting average of 20 clicks/day. How to rank blog?

    I am having a blog on very profitable niche and it is very easy to rank too. I am currently having a blogspot blog and its getting traffic without even doing any SEO. I want to rank my blog on few keywords all are long-tails. Can you tell me how to rank a low competition blog within a few days...
  10. raj5151

    How to get Instant traffic to pictures based Adsense Sites?

    Hi there, I have 3 pictures based (Nail designs, Home Interior designs ) sites. They are all new sites. Let me know what are the various ways to generate some traffic and get atleast $20 per day adsense earnings from these sites?
  11. G

    Adsense blog help

    I am a newbie for adsense, so just have some questions. Google TOC clearly indicates the with adsense must not sell any product or service. 2. the content must not contain any product logo etc.. my doubt is, for example if i have a blog on "mobile phone reviews" or "motorbike...
  12. G

    Self hosted blog or Blogger/wordpress with adsense which is best

    i am looking to earn some thing from adsense and so going to create, about 30 blogs on low competition high search volume niches. Although i have some seo knowledge but typically new to adsense . I need advises on either self hosted blog or a blog in blogger/wordpress which is good to generate...
  13. J

    Please review my new wordpress blog for the health and beauty niche

    I got an idea to develop an adsense website based on the skinny wrap health and beauty fad that is popular in the US. I got the idea when my girlfriend was buying these skinny wrap products from her friend. She ended up getting ripped off. I decided to monetize on her;) I made this...
  14. seosid

    I have few blogs still no income on adsense any help

    hi. I have create few blogs by searching some high paying keywords and also post the unique content on them but its more than 4 months passed i just make 9$ in adsense and i have 5 blogs total so what shall i do with them now? I am not doing any seo for them as i don't get time to work on them...
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