I have few blogs still no income on adsense any help


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Dec 6, 2011
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hi. I have create few blogs by searching some high paying keywords and also post the unique content on them but its more than 4 months passed i just make 9$ in adsense and i have 5 blogs total so what shall i do with them now? I am not doing any seo for them as i don't get time to work on them. So any tip which can help me to boost my income in less time. ?
I don't want to sound a prick but I seriously suggest you to spend more time on your blog. Time investment pays in case of blogs and in your post itself you accepted that you don't give time to them. Add up high quality unique content on the blogs and use some basic blog promotion techniques which don't cost you even a single dime, and thereby, get some visitors.
The only credible way is keep Blogging unique content at daily basis and it does not matter that you have picked high playing keywords so you need not to optimize it, your competitors are doing it so you need to use it as well, try Social Media Marketing at initial stages.
Use a unique content and make your blog attractive. You should definitely do some promotion works too.
Were the high paying keywords, highly CLICKED keywords? Just because "super rare widget" pays $50 a click doesn't mean there's that many people out there who might want to click an ad with it. Some of the most clicked adsense ads have words like 'hotels' or 'insurance' and so on, so that would be the more high percentage way to build a profitable MNS blog on. You should also supplement the traffic building with some non-SEO methods, like posting an url in the description of popular related videos, setting up some Yahoo answers links, Wikipedia links if you can manage to do that, social media links, etc.
To get traffic it depends on your niche/backlinks, If your niche is low-competitive and u have unique articles with 100+ words your on a good way, but if u have a mid/high-competitive niche then u should do some backlinks.

Here is a thread:
blackhatworld (dot) com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/424708-get-free-backlinks-sites.html

The other way to increase is to sign up at reddit. It helps a lot. My blog gets 100 unique visitors each day. Or try to use socialaldr and other social networks.

And your site also depends on its theme. Choose the ad that blends with your theme. Add your adds between articles.

Here's is a thread about improving adsense earnings:
blackhatworld (dot) com/blackhat-seo/adsense/67-5-ways-improve-your-adsense-earnings.html

Hope it helped. :)

EDIT: i forgot to say that u should use Google's Keyword Tool to check your niche's CPC. If it's low then that's the prob.
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