adsense approval

  1. mainceaft

    Adsense still rejecting my website "We found some policy violations"

    Hello everyone, this is absurd since it not first time I deal with Adsense, I even had manually review and even got direct support from G on one of my websites. Last website I tried to add to my account I got this stupid message We found some policy violations .................... Low value...
  2. techgeek2021

    AI Content + Human Touch = Easy Adsense Approval

    HELLO ALL BHW MEMBERS THIS IS MY FIRST THREAD HERE SORRY IF ANY MISTAKES IN EXPLAINING I Recently Got Adsense Approval with AI Content 1) I got 120 Topics for Articles (PAA, Ahref) ( How to Guides, Product Reviews) 2) All The Articles were Written with Jasper (AI Tool) and a bit Human...
  3. S

    Having trouble getting Adsense Approval

    Hello guys, I'm new here :) I've created a blog section in our homepage (we have 25 blog posts and also traffic from google - around 60-100 impressions on each blog post and 200k monthly visitors mostly in our UGC content links). we tried getting Google Adsense approval at least three times...
  4. Zablo

    So bunch of questions related to adsense

    so i have my primary google account that back in 2012 i applied for adsense then it was terminated due to an exchange thing (i was too small) so in 2016 i appealed for account recovery (lol i was trying my luck). Now well after many years i want to get back to work for my own youtube channel and...
  5. L

    Need You Guide in Google Adsense, Website and Niche

    Hi, so I have applied for Adsense multiple times with different Gmail Accounds (on unique person names) on different domains but all of them are rejected on "Low Value Content" If you ask me the number than it's 5 websites which are rejected by adsense team. And for content I have purchased...
  6. seo_alexa002

    [Adsense Approval Method] For Brand New Blog Using AI Content

    One Month Back I Registered a Domain , Installed Wordpress At Start , Daily 2-3 Articles Was Posting Using AI Tool After 10 Days , started Posting 20-30 Articles Per Day Once the 500 Articles Were Published and all the Custom Pages Like Disclaimer , Privacy Policy, About Us , Contact us...
  7. webseoadviser

    Adsense Approval Tricks??????

    Hey BHW mates, need your help with Google Adsense approval. Adsense not approving my auto AI site. Does anyone know any method that's working for Adsense approval? Thanks in advanced
  8. SonOfJat

    Adsense approval

    Adsense rejected my site for like 3rd time now and I'm unable to identify real cause behind this. Checkout below screenshot- Can someone help me to find the root cause for above policy violation? This is my website - The site is built by myself from scratch. Thanks in...
  9. Dahmane Zakaria

    Is that true Content that includes(Why&what, earn mony from net, tips) rejected by adsense?

    hy i watched this video : this video talk about The most popular problem in adsense "Low Value Content'" ! The person in the video told us that the content that is widely available on the Internet is rejected by adsnes Even if it is original content ! like crypto& how to make mony online...
  10. S

    Adsense Approval

    Hello Everyone, Can anyone give me some advice on these issues so i can get approved on Adsense. I have 36 Articles in my blog, the most of them written by Quillbot (AI Paraphrasing Tool) and i submited my blog to for Adsense and i got rejected for the following reasons: The website is 3...
  11. creditmonster

    adsense approval for quiz site

    hello. everyone. i need my website approved for adsense. adsense won't approve it. please help!
  12. F

    Struggling to get site approved for adsense any alternatives please

    Hi All, Hope someone can help, for the past 2 months i been trying to get adsense approved and every damn time they keep coming back with something different issue. i am now tired of wasting my time in making changes that are not getting approved. are their any good ads companies that pay well...
  13. J

    How do I get AdSense approval for my new website?

    I need to get AdSense approval from my article site. I try two times to approval. But it didn't work. This is my website
  14. B

    I need advice on Adsense

    I have 2 domains A&B. Domain A has traffic, whereas domain B has good Adsense. Domain A is rejected by Google Adsense. Can I put domain B in popup of domain A? Or any redirect from A to B ? Can I use banner ads in A to invite users to B??
  15. ZakBen66

    Rejected from Adsense after a terminated Admob account

    Hi everyone, I have a terminated Admob account which is linked to the Gmail I use on both my phone and laptop. However, recently I applied for a new Adsense account using another Gmail account from my laptop. The website I applied with has the following: 1) Ten original articles which are...
  16. Fxgima

    I am looking content writers who have experience about adsense

    Hi, I want to get Adsense approval for my ten domains. Therefore I am looking for content writers to write the contents only for AdSense approval. If anyone is here please PM or comment below. Thanks
  17. TheDankChocolate

    Got my 2nd website Adsense Approved today!

    Yay! So, I got my second website approved from Adsense Today (4th September). This is the second website that I got approved in this pandemic. The first one was in July, to be precise on 4th July. 4 seems like a lucky number for me, lol People are finding it hard getting approved around this...
  18. Amozenly

    What to Do to Get Approval from Adsense.!

    My English is not very good. Sorry. My adventure to get Adsense Approval goes back many years. I will talk about a few tactics about this. Before the virus period, I received more than a hundred approvals with Translation articles. Confirmation with translation cannot be obtained with the last...
  19. antonbloom

    AdSense approval

    Has anyone gotten his/her AdSense account approved recently?
  20. M

    Ask Me Anything About AdSense Approval, All The Tips & Tricks.

    Hi! I am a newbie in BHW, just ask me any question you have regarding adsense approvals on your website, i know a lot of secrets about adsense approve techniques. (sorry about my english is a little bad) :)
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