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  1. F

    Struggling to get site approved for adsense any alternatives please

    Hi All, Hope someone can help, for the past 2 months i been trying to get adsense approved and every damn time they keep coming back with something different issue. i am now tired of wasting my time in making changes that are not getting approved. are their any good ads companies that pay well...
  2. W

    Recommend an Adsense Account Seller?

    Anyone ever bought an Adsense Account? Use to see a lot of ads for people selling them. Not so many now. I had an account running fine for 6+ years. Got hacked. They banned me. Rejected my "appeal". Applied again and its been 5 weeks. Any way to buy a UK Adsense account?
  3. M

    New member here , Adsense and Adwords Expert

    Hi am martin faith an adwords and adsense expert, i have been browsing the threads on blackhatworld for more than 3 years now but today i finally decided to register. Thanks for having me here
  4. adsensell


    PRICE FOR EACH ACCOUNT: $50 ASK FOR ACCOUNTS OF COUNTRIES YOU DESIRE Refund: For possible problems related with us, your payment will be refunded. Skype: emrahguner52 Paypal: [email protected]
  5. flundererboy

    Buy Approved Non Hosted Google Adsense Account with Domain

    If we fail to deliver the product within 15 working days, your amount will be refunded 100%. But Once We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and the product is sent. If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us: By email...
  6. Dark Venge

    Is adsense approval manual or automated?

    In your experience with adsense approval what do you think about it? Is it human approval or automated approval?
  7. R

    **Searching For Someone in Germany for Adsense Pin verification**

    Hello brothers please I need someone who can receive an AdSense pin in Germany I will pay you of course. if anyone here who can help me. please don't forget to contact me. or if someone can give me suggestions please comment below thanks
  8. LatestPhoneZone

    How Do I improve my AdSense CPC?

    Hello guys, I am in a big mess with AdSense. Yesterday, I had up to 100 clicks on AdSense but the earning was just £4.20. As if this was not enough, today so far, I have gotten more than 60 clicks and the earning I am seeing there is just £1.96. Like WTF!!!!! How do I increase this?
  9. K

    [Help] Running Adsense mutli stealth accounts

    please help me to clear below adsense problems when we running multi accounts. 1) is it ok to run multi accounts from same windows user account. (incognito mode) 2) let's say my real IP is Australia and one of my stealth account as UK AdSense account. is it ok to login using Australian IP...
  10. F

    0 Clicks on Adsense in last 8+ hours on 1kUVs

    Is also anyone experiencing this? For some strange reason, adsense is showing me 0 clicks on almost 1kUVs in last 8 hours or maybe even more. In last few weeks I gotnon average 30-45 clicks on 1k UVs. I don't know what to do. It is quite "scary". PS: most of this traffic is organic from google.
  11. M


    if you sale uk pin verified AdSense please contact
  12. crossline

    [HELP] Your income is risky

    so i got this alert when opening my adsense account, can anyone give me solution how to fix it please? Your income is risky - One or more of your sites do not have the ads.txt file. Fix this now so that it doesn't have a negative impact on your income.
  13. aksh patel

    I Need Help For AdSense Account ....

    My AdSense account is Disapproved Without Any email ........ please help..........
  14. BaeGoody

    Just Got Beer Money Compensation Payment From Adsense

    So, far back 2016, I was going some adsense blackhat. I knew i would get banned so i didn't put much energy in the stuff. I earned about $3000 and stopped to verify the account and hopefully receive payment (in my dreams:D) So i was banned few days later(saw it coming). In 2018, i saw a post...
  15. anas hanine

    [Help] how i can open multi Adsense accounts

    my two Adsense accounts were disabled, one for policy violation and the other for Invalid Clicks i wondering if it's ok to open another two accounts at the same laptop if not what is the best way to do it . Thank you
  16. I

    Is Adsense Scamming Me?

    Here is a screenshot from Adsense on one of my Gaming blogs that I own. Traffic breakdown 80% USA, 15% other Tier 1 countries (UK, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Aus) and 5% others. I am getting 5 cents per click. Is this normal? I just set up the site a few months ago and have hired a few writers...
  17. sharyqkhan

    Google AdSense Non-Hosted Approval + Website Development Services with Money Back & Acc Ban Guarant

    Dear Users: If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us (you can find our contact info above) we will be happy to answer you.
  18. D

    Has anyone able to open an AdSense account after getting banned?

    If you do, how did you pull it off?
  19. P

    Apply to Google Adsense using a site that has been used for Google Adsense before

    Title says it all! I have a website which I had used it to apply for Google Adsnese back in 2013 in the UK. I just removed all the codes from all the pages of the website a couple of months ago and sold the website to a friend of mine in Canada. Is it possible for him to apply for Google...
  20. M

    Hi everybody my name is Marino, am new here and i have a few question to ask. Thank you.

    I have a few questions and first is: Do someone know a stratagy to to help me to rank my website in Google while am getting some income like using Innoshow? I got here because i searched information about and saw a topic here talking about it. Some people said it is not good, some Adsense...