1. slickbrick

    [FB ADS 2019] I Hated Woocommerce + Fb Ads Until I Found This Plugin

    If you use Woocommerce instead of Shopify or have clients that do, you know how boring is to setup the Pixel to track events and conversions... I know I did, so I started looking at paid plugins... Tried Pixelyoursite, which is "ok", but doesn't justify the 200€ expense. I started searching in...
  2. M

    Anyone know to group buy Bigbigads or AdEspresso?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone know how to have cheap account for that Bigbigads or AdEspresso. I searched with group buy but they just sell package like several tools and cost about $50. Quite expensive for me if I only want 1 tool. Anyone have idea where to get those account Thank you so much