1. H

    Real PayPal Money Adder available?

    Hello everybody! A question in the round, because I've seen some videos of it, is there really a PayPal Money Adder, without surveys, etc. Such a tool would interest me if there is a tool that works too! LG
  2. N

    Tweet Adder 4

    Up my rep and pm me for the program and all instructions to run the so called "non existent" program, Tweet Adder 4.0, I will send you the link for download. I hope you all enjoy :)
  3. Junior the goon

    How can I readd my friend list [2.3k] friends on a new fb

    I just got through a 30 day ban due to some pics I posted on my fan page, 4 days later , this morning I awoke to another ban from a different picture, so I decided to make a new account and add everyone again I have all the emails of the people just need a point in the right direction , any...
  4. T

    Facebook best practices for non-pva/pva accounts.

    I'm programming a custom Facebook bot that will be used to add users. It will also chat with friend via personal messages. Read messages and reply automatically. What's the request rate for non pva accounts? One add every x-xx minutes? How many friend requests per day/week? MISC...
  5. B

    Twitter @Mention Sender

    Tweet attacks?
  6. E

    [REQ] Gmails Account to add youtube username bot

    I have a list of gmail accounts and passwords, and when I login to youtube, each one requires that I add a username to it. Is there a bot out there that I can just load my gmail accounts and then load up a list of usernames I want to add to each and then it will combine? Thanks
  7. gettinthere

    Do you recognize this Facebook tool which can send invites to "friends of friends"?

    I purchased some Facebook page invites & was sent the following image as "proof". I was rather skeptical so I questioned the provider & his response was; Does anyone know of a program that can do this? I have used bots before but I have never found one with this capability (or this...
  8. djp371

    Need Twitter unfollow program like Twiping!

    Hi all, I get error of twiping when try to start program! Maybe it is because i use windows 7.. I don't know... If Somebody Knows which program will works like twiping , i need bulk unfollow function.. :) Waiting for replies!!! Thanks to all!
  9. nrok420

    Free Twitter Tool

    This is not my script it is from a recent post on DP. Just thought i would share with BHW. We all know that the best method to gain new followers is to start following other people. Most of them will follow you back. Every time you run this tool you follow 20-40 new users who are...
  10. S

    Seriously the best way to gain friends!!!!

    So this website "" actually works. Its a bunch of links to the best "myspace trains" and all i do is to add my friend ID to all of them every day and I get 100s of friends every day!!!! try and let me hear what you think!!!
  11. livelybrowser

    Twitter FriendAdder 2.1.1 - Get thousands Of HUMANS To your websites everyday!

    Twitter FriendAdder 2.1.1 Description: Twitter FriendAdder is something similar to Myspace Friend Adder. It can add or remove your twitter friends automatically, support muti-thread and unlimit your twitter account number. You can get thousands of HUMANS to your websites everyday by...
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