1. larinascita2021

    adios ad-center !

    ad-center gone away
  2. larinascita2021

    adios ???

    from 2 days:
  3. salamandras

    cpa movie experiment ! what do you think?

    I don't know what to do or what to try anymore, my site has 10k unique visitors per day, only Italian traffic coming from google adcenter mediahub cpabuild ogads bemod I don't know what to try anymore, is it possible that my domain is banned from these cpa networks?
  4. salamandras

    there are a valid alternative to ad-center ?

    hello i have a movie site, ad-center not convert anymore there are any valid alternatives ???
  5. hualdo171

    Ad center no support

    Anyone have contact from an active ad-center manager? I stopped working with them because of low conversion and lower rates, but have balance there and can't log in since the account was suspended, tried to contact the support form in site and no response since last week, respond the email that...
  6. jenoms_lim

    How to index Parasite site on google ?

    help me please :)
  7. salamandras

    ad-center news

    have you experienced in drop of click sales and unique views? have you got this message? : Ad-Center has discovered a way to increase revenue for Movie products in Italy and Mexico. If you have traffic from those GEOs please contact your Account Manager for more information Hello, anyone got...
  8. jenoms_lim

    Teach me to play CPA movie

    lately I'm bored in bringing movie site traffic and no sales at all. teach me about this can at least produce thousands of dollars a month. maybe there will be a reward for you.

    Need VPN or Res VPN For Bing Ads

    Need Vpn or Res Vpn For Bing Ads- Need Expert Advise: VPS+VPN+ New Ad Account (new cc, new address) = Will Run If you want to add something pls feet free to add.
  10. hottime40

    ad-center vs mediahub vs affiliatebuzz

    surely you will know these 3 networks if you work with movies. today I will show you the differences between these networks that I have tested with my film sites in Italian ad-center: sale for IT traffic for me is 12$ payment on time ever 15 days can choose offers by yourself selecting it by...
  11. R

    new ad-center bypass

    Hey guys, hope you all doing extremely well. Im really struggling to understand how to do the new ad-center bypass, and i would be immensely grateful and appreciative if someone might please be willing to help me... The instructions are as follows How to bypass Ad Blocker Ad-Blocker...
  12. rockshuvo

    Making Money With Game Download !!!

    Hi i want to know how to earn with game niche ? i have ad-center account . Right now i am working with sports niche . I saw ad center have some game downloading offer . I don't know how to promote or marketing method . Just need a little help about the keyword and marketing .( Sorry for bad...
  13. P

    Any alternatives to ad-center?

    Hey I signup with ad center over 2weeks ago. can't login my account. Even reset my password on several occasions, contact support email still nothing. Pls suggest any best alternative to ad center.
  14. A

    Best method for CPA Movie

    What the best method to get lead at the CPA Movie. i use Adcenter networks
  15. A

    If you have bing accs , I am looking for Rev Share , I'll pay you Daily on our profits!

    Hey guys ! I have been unsuccessful in creating bing ads accounts recently so now i am looking for someone who can create them to make a JV with me ! I will pay 50% on our profits and will do that payment daily ! all proofs of earnings will be sent in screenshots or teamviewer if needed ! I...
  16. F

    [GET] Grab Your Free Bing-Ads Coupon, Adcenter Coupon - First Come First Serve...

    I'm Giving Away Free Bing Ads Coupons and Adcenter Coupons Requirement: - A Verified Bing Account (to use the voucher) Don't have one, go here and sign up: - Set Your Currency to USD (This is important, you can't change your currency) - Use...
  17. F

    [GET] Free Adcenter Coupon, Bing Ads Voucher Giveaway - First Come First Serve...

    I'm Giving Away Free Adcenter Coupons and Bing Ads Vouchers Requirement: - A Verified Bing Account (to use the voucher) If you don't have one, go here and sign up: - Set Your Currency to USD (This is important, you can't change your currency) - Use...
  18. F

    Free Adcenter Coupon, Bing Ads Voucher Code Giveaway...

    Hey guys, I have so many adcenter coupons laying around here that I can't possibly use all of them up before they expire. So I'm giving back to the community by giving these coupons away. There's no requirement, I just want you to make a promise. It's just a small promise but it's...
  19. G

    SEM admin tasks

    Hi, We need some help with some SEM admin tasks. Candidates should be experienced users of AdWords and BingAds. Most tasks can briefed pretty quickly over chat and completed within an hour or so. PM me if interested.
  20. Z

    does entropay vcc works for activation of adcenter account?

    Hi Everybody, Since i am new to PPC and interested to run an adcenter compagain i want to know if anybody try to activate his new adcenter account by entropy VCC and it works for him? and if anyone know a reliable vcc provider don't mind to share plz help me in this :) Zatari
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