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  1. LilMosey

    Which Ad server is the best?

    Hi all, which AD server do you think is the best in 2019? Some people are recommending,, and similar ad servers. Anyone have experience with some of them?
  2. MikeFenton

    Need Help - Over 100 Domains!

    Hi Friends, this is my first posting here! So I hope I have posted in the right category. So, I have my own network of domains that receive steady traffic from all around the world. Recently I got banned from adsense and so in order to keep the system running I had to shift to other ad networks...
  3. T

    Making money with karaoke songs

    Hi everyone, I have a website hosting free karaoke songs (downloadfreekaraokesongs) and I'm looking for a way to make money with it. So far there are around 600 unique visitors each day (no big deal I know). I've been rejected by AdSense (Unacceptable site content) and AdBrite (Under...
  4. T

    Affiliate stats plugin for ad server

    What is the best plugin or addon aggregating stats from affiliate programs to integrate into ad server (particularly OpenX, but any other would be still interesting)? Maybe some ad servers have built-in functionality like that? Unfortunately i had no experience with Atlas, Adtech etc.
  5. M

    *Preventing* Meta Refresh / Record Referrers

    Is this possible? I am currently advertising on a network and I am suspicious about the traffic they are sending me. I have tried tracking referrers but all I get is their ad server url. I want to be able to see the specific sites they are placing my ads on to make sure they are sticking to...
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