ad management

  1. Peter Turner

    Free Review Copy - Managed Ads Services - **Google Ads** & **Meta Ads**

    I am offering 1 review copy for marketplace approval of my upcoming BST Service Description With our Ad Management service, we streamline and optimizes your advertising campaigns for maximum impact. We create compelling ad creatives, allocate your budgets strategically, target the right...
  2. jaroule

    [HELP PLEASE] [How do i manage multiple social media channel at once]

    hello guys i want you guys to share with me some idea on how i can manage multiple marketing channels at once (sharing content ( the easiest way), community management,and so on). i do not use automation (simply manual work). thank you in advance for your answer
  3. moonheart

    Please Recommend me a Good Ad Management System

    Hi All, I have an online gaming website which driving average of 90k monthly pageview and 27k sessions. I am currently using Adinplay display ads. But earning is not good. They are giving average of €2.13 RPM. Moreover they take 20% from the total monthly earning. So my total payout is not...
  4. A

    Does anyone know some ad network management system with A/B testing?

    Hi! Does anyone know some ad network management system with A/B testing of eCPM? I mean the platform in wich I can insert several Ad network codes (for ex. AdSense, Bing, AdMonster, etc.) and it will show advertise to visitors in random. So at the end of experiment I'll see what network will...
  5. U

    Ad Manager System

    Hi! I need the Ad management system for my sites. Did anybody know which system is better and easy for Advertiser and me?
  6. J

    Best solution for centralizing ad management to one location?

    I am considering using OpenX on one domain to manage advertising across all of my sites. The advertising zones can be pulled either using Iframes or JavaScript. Are either of these methods transparent to the search engines? I am concerned about having all of the various sites linked together...
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