ad account disable help

  1. Z

    Facebook BM closed , Id verification Bypass

    Hello there so i got my 5th business manager shut down again today after 1 week I'm using old fake account , they asked for my id , anyone got any idea on how to bypass it ? and does it have to be the same country where i created the account from ? also is anyone trusted here selling old...
  2. N

    Facebook Advertising Restriction - What's the optimal way to use my Friend's accounts?

    Hey there, So my profile got an advertising restriction today even though I didn't violate policy. I run white hat dropshipping ads. I was wondering what would be the best way to use my friend's profiles to advertise? Would it be for example using multilogin and setting up a residential proxy...
  3. J

    Prevent ad account from ban due to "inactivity"??

    Hey guys! How do you prevent your backup ad accounts from being disabled by FB due to "inactivity"? I know that Facebook disables your ad account if you don't spend any money within a time-frame of 60-90 days. Any successful method of keeping your account active with the least amount of money...
  4. J

    Multiple FB Profiles, 1 Computer - Rotating Residential Proxy vs 4G??

    Hi everyone! I want to use multiple FB profiles on 1 computer, and along with multilogin, I am deciding between either using a private rotating residential proxy, and the 4G from my phone. I actually would love to use a static private residential proxy, but sadly I can't find a provider that...
  5. pan0x744

    BM Ad account disabled quickly

    I don't know why. My ad account was disabled in few hours even if I just run an engagement campaign. Because of this, I have lost 5 BM and its ad account.
  6. nerd7

    FB Acc Farming

    Hi Guys I am new to this forum. I been advertising on FB for a while. And recently transitioned to DS. Found a winner, start making money and fb started banning my ad accounts. Until it banned my whole business manager. I might get it back as I didn’t breach any policies. but I read lose that...
  7. K

    Help! - Facebook Banned my personal from Advertising on its platform not only on my business manager

    Is there is any facebook people working here who can help me remove the ban and be able to do ads? I run a social media marketing agency and I can not stay without advertising access. I need someone who works there to help me get my advertising permission back... and yes I tried to contact...
  8. Y

    How long does it take FB to verify my ID ? Legit activity

    I was managing my ads and running some new ones, and all of a sudden FB logged me out from my account and asked me for a photo verification, I send in my photo then after 24h now they're asking me for ID verification, I've uploaded my ID and send it for verification and still waiting for...
  9. J

    Facebook DISABLED ad account. No reason given!

    Facebook bent me over and disabled my ad account! Okay I have a store through Shopify I have been running fine on Facebook for a minute now. Smooth process for months of fast approvals of ads, consistent scaling, and no issues. Sounds about normal right? So then I decided to launch a new...
  10. C

    Facebook Profile Banned from Ads Manager. Urgent Help Needed!!

    So I have been running my ad account for my legit clothing brand (ECommerce but not dropshipping) for 3 years now with no problems. This year I gave a freelancer access to help me with the ads. This is all done within one business manager profile. I recently got into dropshipping for separate...
  11. D

    Can no longer Tweet video cards?

    I have an adult-themed Twitter account with over 50K followers. For a long time I had the ability to make and tweet out video cards, which got far more views and impressions than regular tweets with videos attached. About 6-8 months ago, Twitter blocked my ability to tweet video cards. I only...
  12. S

    Bought FB Ad account with own credit card?

    Hi guys, I want to buy an aged facebook ad account and add my own credit card to it. I have one from UK and one from Lithuania. I tried it already a few times but the accounts always get banned because of suspicious payment activity - probably because the ad account and the cc have not been...
  13. G

    HELP! Facebook AD account ban immediatly, in just 2 second

    Hello. I have a very big problem. i was advertising on FB already about 6-7 month with one of my account. it was very strong and good account, spent over $6000. suddenly i recieved notification that my account was stopped for violating terms. i contacted facebook but nothing happened. they...
  14. Sp3ctrum

    Facebook ad account disabled- May be I can help you

    Hello guys, Facebook disabled your ad account and showing "Your ad account flagged for unusual activity". Most of the time if you can apply facebook in a correct way facebook will reactivate your ad account. But sometimes they asked for some additional information. If you need help you can ask...
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