ad account banned

  1. notanameuser

    Using Proxies/MultiLogin for TikTok Ad Account

    Dealing with TikTok ad account suspensions and need to use a proxy with this next aged account I've bought. Planning on buying MultiLogin and using a proxy, any recommendation to where I should buy the proxy/if theres any better methods for this?
  2. adconsult

    ★EXCLUSIVE ACCESS★ to verified FB Agency Accounts | Run your ads with ENTERPRISE-LEVEL benefits | min 1k ad spend per day | Limited ...

  3. Z

    Facebook BM closed , Id verification Bypass

    Hello there so i got my 5th business manager shut down again today after 1 week I'm using old fake account , they asked for my id , anyone got any idea on how to bypass it ? and does it have to be the same country where i created the account from ? also is anyone trusted here selling old...
  4. N

    Facebook Advertising Restriction - What's the optimal way to use my Friend's accounts?

    Hey there, So my profile got an advertising restriction today even though I didn't violate policy. I run white hat dropshipping ads. I was wondering what would be the best way to use my friend's profiles to advertise? Would it be for example using multilogin and setting up a residential proxy...
  5. BradyX

    Do Residential IPs Work for Google Threshold Accounts?

    Hi I want to create some google threshold accounts. Till now I was using AWS to create VPS and then access the accounts from there. But after testing almost 20 accounts, all of them have got suspended due to 'suspected payment method' I have used unique AWS for each account. My question is -...
  6. PremiumAds

    Ask me anything about running ads in 2021!

    Hello, I see there's so many threads about people asking why their ad accounts get banned, why they can't create an account and run ads, why they are limited, why their cards don't work, etc. So I decided to create this thread to try to answer all questions about running ads in 2020 The...