1. mainceaft

    Where to get private SMS activation service

    I looked all around the web, all I found is premium monthly subscriptions ~$20 for single phone number which is a lot, considering I only need it to activate my SM account.
  2. Jefferychinedu

    What does it mean to activate a premium WordPress with purchase code

    So I'm planning to create WordPress blog which will be running based on affiliate. I downloaded nulled version of Newsmag theme. I uploaded it to my testing website. Everything is working fine and I didn't even activate it though it still has the option to add activation key. I am planning on...
  3. S

    Looking for Number Supplier

    Looking for a regular Number Supplier for activiating accounts ( preferably First world countries ) Also sorry if this isn't the right section to post this but i'm new here
  4. jackninja

    Stripe Account Activation Declined, Anyone Face Similar Problem?

    We were unable to verify the information you provided and will be unable to accept payments on your behalf. Stripe can only support users with a low risk of customer disputes—after reviewing your submitted information and website, it does seem like your business presents a higher level of risk...
  5. B

    Looking for activation key lumion 7.0

    i have downloaded the software named lumion 7, its a 3d software. looking for its activation key
  6. jefferson otabor

    please help help key for atomic email hunter

    hello, please i need key for atomic email extractor please help help
  7. S

    Software made with C++, activation

    Hey everyone, I have this software that is embedded with my account info. It activates over the internet sending the software company the name of my computer, we can activate it by phone too. Possible to remove all online activation attempts, and remove the expiration? I purchased the...
  8. Lifelong

    Is there actually a good Western number provider for SMS activation?

    I've had experience with hidemynumbers, getsmscode, and the other one.. the Russian one (can't remember the name). They seem to barely work, and conveniently are usually from countries infamous for spam. I'm looking English speaking countries - though understandably this seems harder to do. I'm...
  9. flashsites

    Activation on Dating Site

    Hi. I've been able to find my aquisition strategy thanks to BHW and its helpful members. Now that I'm getting 20-25 users a day I have another problem...How do I get these people to talk? I've tried running a promotion offering a smart watch for 20 lucky people who message but no dice. Any...
  10. Berner

    Every Method To Phone Verify Instagram Accounts

    Hey BHW Community, Recently I have been having problem after problem using my current method of Private Online texting services. Now when type in the phone number, and click submit, I do not receive a text message nor do I even get to access the Ig page to enter the code. This is because the...
  11. newon

    Mass Resend Activation Mail : MyBB

    I don't if this is the right place for this thread... Mods, please move it otherwise. I have created a forum on tech niche. It's growing ... but I noticed that a lot of users have not activated their account. Is there any way I can mass-resend the activation e-mail? Please help
  12. T

    [HELP] My Ad-sense account problem!!!!!

    Hello All, kindly i need your help, as i registered for adsense initially with a link that wasn't approved by adsense, but i used then the same adsense account as partner to Youtube to monetize my channel. and it's showing ads really which mean that this account is active . Also, for confirming...
  13. H

    SMS activation

    SMS activation Facebook - 1 $ WM - 3$ Russian sim used ISQ:656019756
  14. D

    Avira Verification Code generator?

    Hi there Apologies if i have posted in the wrong section, as i'm new here. :) So, i have been trying to find a working key code for A.V.I.R.A antivirus premium. I have googled but had no joy (codes expired) and many sites want me to download programmes that i do not trust. If any experienced...
  15. N

    URGENT HELP! Bypass Facebook Phone Verification

    is there anyone who can help me with this? i'm trying to bypass the facebook security check that requires you to call/text to get a security code... i have about 10 accounts i need verified. please comment or pm if you can help, thanks!
  16. noxon06

    Help Plz!!: How to transfer a Scrapebox license??

    Guys I just bought Scrapebox but I did it with one of my friend's PayPal account due to probs with payPal in my country... Now the questions is if I can transfer the license to my name and email? and How to do that? I didnt activate it yet... I asked in other thread to Sweetfunny but havent...
  17. P

    Facebook Mobile Activation Service

    Hi all, I can buy SIM card instantaneously for cheap without any registration information required on my behalf, just buy and insert into phone. These SIM cards are only around 25p/0.40 US cents each. Would it be worth me setting up a Facebook profile activation service where people...
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