action blocks

  1. G

    Instagram Blocks (Can´t add captions + Shadowban)

    First of all, I only use manual growth (I have different phones, using 3-4 accs on each phone, using 4G connection, very few actions, creating accounts on brand new phones using 4G, etc) So I have 8 accounts in which Instagram doesn´t allow me to add captions to my posts, follow people or like...
  2. Cro7

    [PROBLEM+SOLUTION] Instagram Action Block

    Hi, Few days ago I got action block from Instagram. - I did too many actions on my account. - Every action was manual. It was 3rd day of the block when @instagramuser10 suggested me to change my password. I did it and it worked! I changed my password and logged in again and the block was...
  3. B

    4 Action Blocks in a Year. Is My Account in Danger?

    I’ve been doing F/UF manually for 1.5 years and had some pretty good results (17K followers). I usually follow between 400-500 a day, 60 an hour. But sometimes I lose track. Just received my 4th follow action block this year. Could my account could be banned the next time? Will this impact my...
  4. bbbb bbbb

    Action Block's With Jarvee and IG

    So I been getting action blocks on JARVEE Alot lately and Im wondering how to avoid this...Im using mass proxies I been using the same proxies for the account for 3 months now, do I need to get new ones?? Or what might be my problem here? I would really appreciate any help because Im worried...
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