4 Action Blocks in a Year. Is My Account in Danger?

Bobby Bonito

Jan 15, 2019
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I’ve been doing F/UF manually for 1.5 years and had some pretty good results (17K followers). I usually follow between 400-500 a day, 60 an hour. But sometimes I lose track.

Just received my 4th follow action block this year. Could my account could be banned the next time? Will this impact my engagement? Or should I just wait a couple days and get back to it at a slower pace?

Is it actually safer to use a bot?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. It always freaks me out when this happens:(
curious about the same. Any experience on how follow or like hard blocks impact an account?
You're safe. Been there, done that.
Just try not to cross limits.
If this is true won't we all eventually get banned? if not in a few months then in a few years?

It's impossible to know the future, but so far, some of my accounts get follow blocks, then the bot stops following for a certain amount of time already setup, and then continues doing its job (sometimes I change the proxy ip).
I am sure some of them might have had more that 30 follow blocks and never had got an account banned.
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