account compromised

  1. S

    What do you do after you get an account compromised?

    Hello guys, so I have a musician account on IG that I use on my phone all the time and I used to bot the account the same time until a few months ago I got hit by this AC (account compromised) message. Then I stopped all bot actions and continued to use it only normally with my phone. Now Im...
  2. B

    Account Compromised

    Hi, Once your account has received this, is it safe to say automation isn't an option for now? I've got 3 accounts. 1. I used to automate 8+ hours a day, no message. 2. The other two around 4 hours, they've both received it and blocks multiple times. Account A, has around 3.8k followers...
  3. newon

    PMs sent from my account

    Hi Admin, I got astonished when I found some PMs are sent from my account which I didn't trigger. Those are mainly related to selling services, which I am no way connected to. Seems my account got compromised. Requesting you to look into it, please. Anyway, I have changed my password today.