1. T

    stop software from accessing specifc file

    I was using ads.txt long before it became the standard for publisher ids for site advertising. So I have windows software that download ads.txt file from my server which is supposed to contain text ads. instead now it download ad publisher id entries. Is there a way for example to use...
  2. richdaddy7

    Is it possible to change my IP to access a website?

    Hey guys, I want to access one website where one specific IP address is whitelisted. The site is in maintenance mode but I know the whitelisted IP address. I want to change my IP to that specific whitelisted IP so I can access the website... Is it possible to do that?
  3. S

    How can I get accounts for trailer music sourceaudio sites?

    Hi guys, I need to buy some accounts for trailer music sourceaudio sites, like these two:!catalogs Having an account there means the ability to download the albums in their highest quality! Note that those are industry albums...
  4. JohnnieGR

    What do i see this? (You don’t have permission to view this thread)

    Hello bhwaters, i subscribed to receive emails from watched forums but some of the emails redirecting me here I have to upgrade my account or the post(s) has been deleted?
  5. YuvrajThapa

    VPN For Paypal

    Hello there I just want to ask a question regarding paypal, Can we use VPN and access Paypal from laptop ? Do they gonna know about VPN i am using. I am asking this because i have a paypal account of India and right now i am in Nepal. But here in Nepal we cannot receive the money from sender as...
  6. shiboshy

    [] PBN Access up to 49 DA / 42 PA - Build/Sell Links [Plans start from $50/mo]

    More information: Once you order through our website, you will receive a list of your Wordpress Username, Password and Login Link of the website. This is what basically this service is. After that, you are free to build any amount of backlinks you want, for 1 month. Your username & password...
  7. bbbb bbbb

    I need some TOP SECRET FILES....

    Im trying to dive into the Extraterrestrial/Alien/UFO/Whistle Blower Niche and am looking for the back door to Space X...Anybody here know how i can gain some access to either NASA or Space X in attempt to retrieve TOP SECRET files on Ufo's, Alien Life (mainly the greys), Space War's, ETC.
  8. C

    Facebook intentionally banned account

    Hi BHW, This is my first ever post in here, so please take it easy on me if I do a really bad job by posting this in the wrong thread or so on.. I have a really short question. I have access to a Facebook account, can I get banned intentionally without posting random crap or so on? Something...
  9. V

    How to access reddit RSS

    If you don't know already it's fully integrated with reddit so you can access various subreddits by typing if you type it gets you the feed. You can also access subreddits available only to gold members such as . Feedpress...
  10. P

    Help with obtaining an access token.

    So recently, my copy of Instaflow has stopped working due to its lack of ability to obtain access tokens on its own. I managed to manually obtain access tokens for 2 out of 3 (Webstagram and Statigram) of the websites and have them saved in a notepad. But I am having trouble getting my access...
  11. B

    JV section access issue

    Hello I have 50+ posts, account is 4years+ and I can not write in JV section. Can you please check it? Thank you in advance. Cheers :)
  12. R

    See More Files And Folders On Another Network Computer

    If you have two machines that both are at least Windows Vista, follow these steps: 1. Connect the two computers so that they are seen on the network 2. Open a command prompt 3. Type: mklink /d /j C:\Users\(Name) C:\ *Replace (Name) with whatever you want and substitute both "C"s with the drive...
  13. M

    hi, can you give me help

  14. M

    access denied?

    I was trying to click this link: however, it show this message: you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: 1. Your user account may not have...
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