abandoned cart

  1. P

    Abandoned cart clients restoration !

    Hello, I have my eyes on a plugin to contact clients that have abandoned carts... You can contact both ways: 1. Threw e-mail 2. Threw facebook messenger (for this to work client is mandatory to click on a box before he goes to the cart). My questions are: Does anyose used the facebook messenger...
  2. r3L4x

    How you fight with guest abandon carts?

    Hello, I have woocommerce general dropshipping store and I found out that I get hell lot of guest abandoned carts. I have abandoned cart plugin, but it is not possible to send emails if they are not typed in email... I have turned on force registration option, nothing helps. I'm thinking on...
  3. imustbebored

    [How to] Build a $400 Million Shopify Ecommerce Startup

    Have you ever hear of Harry’s? Whether your answer is yes or no is somewhat irrelevant, as the company itself is the poster boy of successful ecommerce. Long story short, Harry's sells razors and they do one hell of a job at doing that. The company was founded in 2013, and since then...