1. S

    Any new 4K stogram alternatives?

    I searched the forum, but thought to ask explicitly as could not find recent (past few months) info. Glassogram is the only online hosted scraper style alternative which I have found that is similar, but it doesn't seem to measure up to the power of 4K stogram (mass download and the associated...
  2. hellogoodbye5

    Best Way to Post Content on many (50+) Accounts?

    Hey guys! I've recently been setting up my pilot campaign of mass-growing niche accounts (fitness and mens fashion this time), and I'm hung up on one part of the process which I have never automated: THE POSTING From what I understand, there are two different methods of going about this. In...
  3. Chille

    What's your opinion on 4kstogram?

    Hi! I'm curious about this as it's a very neat software. However is it safe to upload the pictures downloaded (metadata etc) or should these images be run through some sort of purifier to be safe in the long-term? Anyone out there using this tool? Would be curious to whatever you have to say...
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