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Best Way to Post Content on many (50+) Accounts?

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by hellogoodbye5, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. hellogoodbye5

    hellogoodbye5 Newbie

    Dec 8, 2017
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    Hey guys! I've recently been setting up my pilot campaign of mass-growing niche accounts (fitness and mens fashion this time), and I'm hung up on one part of the process which I have never automated: THE POSTING

    From what I understand, there are two different methods of going about this. In your experiences, which method would you recommend:

    A. Set the automation software to scrape target accounts for content, putting it into a destination folder by which my accounts will take photos from.

    B. Finding and mass-downloading content myself (through 4kstogram, for example), and putting it into a destination folder.

    Also, should I have just one caption (or maybe 10 captions) that are put on every one of an account's posts? For (cheesy) example:

    "Wow! Could you do this? Tag a friend that would probably hurt themselves doing it, and make sure to follow @thetitsfitness!!!"

    Lastly, is it bad if I put a watermark on the photo, even though it's obviously not original content, but I can tag the creator?