4g proxies

  1. ATuringtest

    Setup Steps for Raspberry Pi (or VM) with 4G Dongle and Squid Proxy

    Now I know a lot of people don't want to pay the stupid costs to make 4g proxies. Or some dick writes a script then when they make money with it delete it off git hub, leave the page on their website so it gets traffic. So I used chatgpt-4 and some basic knowledge of Debian. And, before people...
  2. TheMarquis

    4G LTE Mobile Proxies - România

    100% Dedicated 4G/LTE Mobile Proxies I do not resell the proxies. You will get 100% dedicated dongle & sim. Proxy specifications: Location: România (EU) 100% Private single-user proxies Proxy Type: SOCKS5, HTTP & UDP (HTTP/3) via OpenVPN IP change by time or by link (API) (minimum 10 minutes...
  3. A

    Instagram Accounts Per Proxy Strategies

    Introduction Hi there everyone, in this post, I want to talk about how many Instagram accounts I was able to run per proxy and go over my setup, while proposing some new strategies I am willing to test out with the help of your feedback before I start testing. Background Information: As we all...
  4. MR.Spuf

    [Guide] What Are Mobile Proxies and How Can You Make $10,000/Month in 2024 and Beyond?

    I am sorry, that's a bit of clickbait (kinda), but since you've already clicked, why not read on to understand more about what mobile proxies are and how you can benefit from them in your business? Hello, lads and gents. I've noticed a lot of questions lately about mobile proxies: what they...
  5. indianmojojojo

    ✨ 4G/5G Powered Mobile Proxies ✨ USA Rotating Unlimited proxies ✨MEGA SALE ✨ Starting 70 USD a month ✨2.5 USD per day ✨

    Mojo's BHProxy: A Mobile Proxy Solution! You've poured countless hours and passion into your project. The final piece of the puzzle? Good mobile proxy. But what happens when you trust the wrong proxy provider? Endless captchas, frustrating drops in connection, and a damaged IP reputation stall...
  6. O

    Rotating mobile proxies for Spotify Farm

    Hi everyone, time running go! Me want make Spotify farm. Family come soon, need feed baby and girlfrend. Girlfriend highschool no job, me work uber. low money, sad. Me have 100+ Spoti accounts and 6 computer. Each computer has about 16 accounts running. Right now me use VPN to hide IP address...
  7. bbloverz

    FROGPROXY.COM - High-quality Italian 4G LTE Proxies - Fully dedicated - BHW discount

    Hello from frogproxy! We offer high-quality Italian 4G proxies. Prices are: - €45 p.m. 50GBs package - €55 p.m. 200GBs package - €80 p.m. unlimited traffic package Discount for all BHW users! 1€ = 1$ :) Enjoy the same prices in USD instead of EUR (approx. 10% discount). Just like and post "I...
  8. oldguyjoe

    LTE dongle colocation aka "setup 4G proxy anywhere" - why is this not a thing yet?

    I am sure most here are aware of the term colocation when it comes to server hardware. I was just thinking about how annoying it is to get mobile proxy in specific countries, where one does not live and is therefore forced to use local providers and overpaying multiple times for the service and...
  9. ProxyChief

    ProxyChief.com 4G Mobile Proxies | ❗️$50/month - $20/week❗Bulk Discounts❗️ | Location: Latvia, EU | TRULY Unlimited Data ✅ Dedicated ✅ Dashboard ✅

    Price: $50/month or $20/week Payment methods: – Various Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, etc) – Credit/Debit Card (VISA, MasterCard, etc) Discounts for bulk orders of 10 proxies or more. Contact us to purchase: Telegram: @ProxyChief | https://t.me/proxychief WhatsApp: +37127332164 |...
  10. theASocks

    Asocks limited offer until March 15th! Your friend's deposit = your deposit.

    Have any questions? Ask us there! Contact us
  11. anoproxy


    No fancy graphics Let's go straight to the business. What’s the offer? 100% Dedicated / Private 5G Mobile Proxies Dedicated 5G SIM card & 5G device for every user (no sharing!) Preset IP rotation or manual rotation(you'll get a link) Website Whitelist and Blacklist IP Whitelist and Blacklist...
  12. GridPanel

    4G / LTE UK Based Social Media Proxies | 50% OFF First Month | Dedicated Raw | Unlimited Bandwidth

  13. GridPanel

    UK, USA, Netherlands, Germany mobile proxies from £35/month | ✅ 4G & 5G | ✅ Unlimited | ✅ Dedicated | ✅ API Rotation | ✅ All networks

  14. M

    Thoughts on Xproxy?

    I am considering to purchase a 4g proxy kit from a company called Xproxy... they are much cheaper than proxidize and seems professional. Anyone has used their product before? Are they suitable for someone who doesnt have coding knowledge. im looking to make my own proxies from home for account...
  15. Bakidaki

    How to rotate 4G proxies IPs?

    Hi :) , over the last 2-3 months I have been working on making my own 4G proxies. After figuring out many problems, I have finally succeeded. Now I am strugling with making the proxies rotate, since everyone who uses 4G proxies knows they are almost useless for mass automation without IP...
  16. Bakidaki

    What proxies do SMM panels use?

    While searching for a 4g proxy provider that I pay per GB of bandwidth used, realized most providers offer only "dedicated 4G proxies", which is of no use if you want to do actions on a large number of accounts. So I was wondering how much do SMM panel providers pay for their proxies and what...
  17. Bakidaki

    HTTP vs SOCKS proxies for TWITTER

    I heard couple of time SOCKS proxies are better than HTTP for twitter automation, but never seen an explanation or proof to explain why. -talking about 4G proxies Wonder if you guys heard the same or something different?
  18. Christion

    Coronium.io: 4G LTE mobile proxies - Private device for each proxy - United Kingdom, United States or Lithuanian countries

    Welcome to Coronium.io BHW thread. Visit our website: https://coronium.io/ We are premium 4G LTE mobile proxy sellers. Our 4G proxies come straight from SIM cards and physical devices. We only sell dedicated proxies. 1 device - 1 proxy - 1 customer. We have a full-ready dashboard that will...
  19. S

    ✅ Afopia.com ⚡ 4G LTE DEDICATED PROXIES ⚡ [Affordable + Instant Delivery]

    Hello everyone! We Are Afopia.com Afopia is a proxy supplier, developing and producing residential 4G proxy. Afopia was created to help users solve problems with online identities and allow them to perform complicated operations like crawling, automation, scrapping, and many more. Our...
  20. P

    How To bypass Proxy Block

    Hi Everyone; Please does anyone know how I can Bypass Proxy Block on an offer wall in an app game I have tried 4G/5G mobile proxies it seems to unblock every websites but not this site, I have made sure my dns is not leaking But for some reason I still get Block for using Proxies Can anyone...
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