4g private proxy

  1. ATuringtest

    Setup Steps for Raspberry Pi (or VM) with 4G Dongle and Squid Proxy

    Now I know a lot of people don't want to pay the stupid costs to make 4g proxies. Or some dick writes a script then when they make money with it delete it off git hub, leave the page on their website so it gets traffic. So I used chatgpt-4 and some basic knowledge of Debian. And, before people...
  2. Katia76

    USA 4G Mobile Proxies /Rotating / Unlimited Data / Wide IP Pool

    Pricing Monthly $80 Weekly $40 Daily $15 Trials available? For a 1-hour trial, comment on this thread, ''trial, please." Discounts available? Comment on this thread, "I want a discount" for bulk purchases. Is there any bandwidth or data limitation? Proxies have unlimited data, and they...
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