404 expired domain

  1. speedie

    Selling 404 Pages? LOL

    Hi guys, It's the first time, I stumbled upon this. Shortened a URL using https://cutt.ly/ but unknowingly, I made a typo of the shortened URL before hitting Enter as https://cutt.ly/p 'cause I didn't copy the entire URL. To my surprise, the URL straight-up redirected me to ProductHunt...
  2. T

    Expired Domain to A New Blog Development (Help Needed)

    #REPOST Hi there everyone, This is my second post at BHW Forum. I would like to share and ask for some advice. About 10 months ago I purchased an expired domain form a friend of mine. The domain is good (SEO metrics). My aim behind purchasing the domain is to rebuild the website with fresh...
  3. marios_521

    Redirecting 404 To Home - How Much Is Too Much? (Expired Domain)

    I re-registered an expired domain. It used to have 300 live pages and 100 images with backlinks. Is it a good idea to just use a WP plugin and redirect all 404s to home? Also... What about images? Do their backlinks have SEO value? Can they be redirected like simple urls?
  4. Bawsaq

    Dealing with loads of 404 Errors

    So I'm using an expired domain for my website but it's just come to my attention that there's about 150 404 errors (Links to old pages which don't exist anymore). Is it okay to leave them as 404 errors or should I redirect them to my homepage?
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