Selling 404 Pages? LOL


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Oct 20, 2018
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Hi guys,

It's the first time, I stumbled upon this. Shortened a URL using but unknowingly, I made a typo of the shortened URL before hitting Enter as 'cause I didn't copy the entire URL. To my surprise, the URL straight-up redirected me to ProductHunt homepage.

There are two possibilities here:
1. The URL was generated by somebody using by simply using the p as an acronym for ProductHunt.
2. straight-up sold their 404 pages to ProductHunt. This could be a big way to make money especially if you have an insane amount of traffic to your website or 404s for that matter. So the deal would be like this: you and your advertiser agree to auto-redirect all 404 error pages to their site. I never thought about this until now.

This prompted me to investigate further. So I decided to test
But oops...I got a 404 error page. So I was only right with the 1 possibility.

What now? You may want to give the 2nd possibility a shot but make sure you take enough money from your 404 clients especially if you have way too many potential traffic-generating 404 pages. Let's see how it goes.
most link shorteners have a paid service which allows you to choose the shortened url
most link shorteners have a paid service which allows you to choose the shortened url
Yes. In this case, we are right the the 1st possibly only. However, this had kept me thinking about leveraging the 2nd possibly.
2nd possibility is right one
yup probably no 2
I humbly disagree, guys. Because the garbage url I tested proved the 2nd possibility wrong.

So it is the 1st possibly: customizing the url slug. Simple!

The only takeaway here is you may want to be selling your 404 pages to an advertiser. This is just my thought after this 2 sec. experiment.
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