301 page by page

  1. Great-X

    What is the most effective way to do 301 redirect?

    Hi guys, I have 2 years old site on a niche, it has around 30 -45 posts. What is the best way to change domain name? Should i copy paste the acticles from old site to new site and do 301 redirect page by page? Or just do 301 redirect to landing page? And should i use google's Change of Address...
  2. sageshark

    How many 301 Redirects are OK?

    I have been preaching since years that too many 301 redirects are not good for your sites seo. I have myself experienced this when once I removed 400+ urls in my site and redirected them to other new websites the ranking and traffic of my website dropped. I have been very very conscious about it...
  3. theobath

    Conflict with 301 redirection and www links

    Hello, I have an old website that redirects to a new website. On the internet, there are old blogs with links to deep pages of the old website. With an htaccess file and 301 redirections, links should return to the new website pages easily. Both old website and links on it was written with ...
  4. schttrj

    Expired Domains: 301 Redirect Page by Page? Or to Root Domain?

    I am a little confused about how to utilize the expired domain. I have THREE scenarios for you. Please advise. 1. I recreate the most linked pages on the expired domain and 301-redirect it to a mirrored new domain, page by page, URL by URL. 2. I recreate a basic website on the expired domain...