1. EasySunshine

    Best Bots / Automation Tools of 2018-19

    What are your favorite / go-to bots and automation tools of 2018/2019? These can include: Traffic Generators Account Creators (email, social, etc) SEO Bots (backlink submitters, scrapers, etc) Automation Bots (Ubot, Imacros, etc) Whatever application or service is a bot or automates a process...
  2. Oreos Are Bae

    Looking for guide for this

    I am looking for an updated full guide on how to create ebay and paypal stealth accounts does anyone have one?
  3. lebumcrimp

    Instagram botting with private/public profile?

    Hey I was just wondering if any of you could share your experience for what you find best to get more active followers. I tried having my profile both public and private when botting and the amount of followers gained were similiar, but on public I obviously got more likes returned. Any advise...
  4. K

    Adsense site farm?

    Hello there, I'm new to IM. I'm interested in making a site farm focusing on Adsense. Making a lot of sites which earns very low amount from Adsense. Maybe 1 USD per day and to create lets say 20 sites so $20 per day. Has anyone done this? Looking for experiences and ideas if this will work or...
  5. beastkay

    Best HEATMAP Tool for websites? Any suggestions?

    Hey guys I hope you all are doing well. Just wanted to test my site and want to know where people are spending more time on my website and for that I'm looking for a tool called heatmap please let me know if you have any suggestions for this.
  6. 0

    What is Internet marketing in 2018

    How can I know the basic of social media and gain followers if I keep getting boycotted by these big corporations. They don't want me to be famous or to sell stuff they want me to buy. To that I say no ENOUGH I'll pretend Anws.... Best ways to market my product online would be???
  7. P

    Unable to rank youtube vids

    Hey guys recently i have been trying to rank my new youtube videos through buying views. Currently I buy 5k usa targeted views from top4smm 200 likes and 300 shares from qqtube. I also include a great description with optimized keywords. However I am unable to rank at all with the video. Please...
  8. P

    Youtube Ranking!

    Hey there... Does anyone have a way rn to rank on the first page for any keyword on youtube? Ik that youtube views likes etc have been fixed since the recent youtube update. Please lmk! Thanks, Pulaski
  9. lebumcrimp

    Instagram previous name update question

    Just a quick question. Now Instagram is showing some accounts previous name changes I was wondering if it will only show the changes in the previous year or all the changes since 2017 onwards. Anyone know the answer to this?
  10. UnclePanda

    Bitcoin Reaction on Christmas?

    What will be the reaction of bitcoin on this Christmas? is it going to burst to bull run or bull run to bust?
  11. H

    Best AD-Network for Movie Streaming Sites 2018- 2019

    Hello everyone title asks the question already so what is ur best ad network for movie streaming site that you experienced with and got happy with payment and so on.. I hope ad networkers doesnt spam here for false informations... i expect your honesty with prove ss.
  12. P

    What is the best method to make money online in Brazil?

    Hey guys, I'm in the forum a long time, I'd say about 1 year without registering, just watching. I read hundreds of topics and have a great difficulty finding content like as exposed here in Portuguese, so I apologize for my poor English and congratulations for the great content posted here. I...
  13. thebotmaker

    [FREE] Learn SEO: The Ultimate Beginners Guide [2018]

    https://mangools.com/blog/learn-seo/ VT: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/e9f9dc55dac7676e1e65e42b821a7cdeb6af32d37e217c5997381f7d6cb97180/detection
  14. Danny Crypto

    How to grow e-commerce website in 2018?

    Hey guys, (Question 1) I have an online Etsy store and even my own brand website but I guess it's not getting that much sales from the domain but Etsy is performing okay. What conversion funnel should I use? *Leads* -Acquire(ToFu) -Activate (MoFu) -Convert(BoFu) Or something else I should...
  15. HelloBTCMINER

    [GET] "SIGNATURE is available FOR RENT" Banners [NEW 2018]

    I was going through @Zwielicht's thread "[GET] Signature Banner PSD & "Signature For Rent" Banners" ( Thanks for the thread ) and i really think they are kind of old designs. So i've created some new designs of "Signature for RENT" (728x90 px) banners, I hope BHWers will like it... Download...
  16. P

    Best way to grow a personal instagram page?

    Whats a really good way to grow a personal instagram besides the follow/unfollow method? My personal is stuck at 1.1k. I post weird/interesting captions and my engagement is good. I'm not ugly and i have a theme going on. Maybe im just not that interesting LOL? Or am I just missing something?
  17. U

    Can anyone share Game Hack Niche Method!

    can anyone help me with Game Hack Niche method to earn some leads.
  18. paulpaul25

    Instagram Start for Noob

    Hello, I know there are a lot of experienced users and I would love to get your reaction or advice on the following situation: - Decided to start growing a page on Instagram to be able to earn some $$$. Went for the luxury niche focusing on cars, watches, yachts and lavish lifestyle as a result...
  19. Millionaire Recreator

    Make Money > PROVE THEM WRONG!

    Hello Guys. Hope you all GRINDING and WORKING for your DREAMS. RESPECT EVERYONE WHO READS ALL I will tell shortly: I am 19 yo, I don't know, if you believe me, But Trust me, I was making a good amount of money when I was 13. Long story short creating, making stuff and computer are my passions...
  20. PolarPo

    [GUIDE] Eccomerce, Small Ad Budget - $10 to $1,000 in 48 Hours

    Hey BHW! Polar here again, today I want to make a short guide on how I got started by making my method. I will be sharing the method and how you can reproduce it! I have tested this 3 times, and have actually mentored people with this in the past and some of my students made $5k in a week with...
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