1. I

    [GIVEAWAY] 3,000 Twitter Followers

    I'll keep doing this until I simply can't. So it might be a while :-). Just fill out the form and post a reply in the thread after you have. https://androsform.wufoo.com/forms/bhw-twitter-follower-giveaway/ Followers will mostly be American; fully-profiled and as real as one can be sure of...
  2. IamNRE

    [2012 Update] Step by Step Keyword Research Video Tutorial

    Hey guys here is a quick tutorial on how to do keyword research using Scrapebox and Google's Free Keyword Tool. 2012 Updated version on how to do Keyword Research - Step by Step! 1) Open google's keyword tool. 2) Open new window and go to a web directory for ideas (I used "negotiation"...
  3. Hinkys

    [METHOD] *** Build a dirt cheap autoblog EMPIRE with a TWIST ***

    So I got this idea while making a post about useful WP plugins. When I looked at them all in one place, my brain immediately started combining them together and this method came out from this. (This is the post if you want to check it out...
  4. S

    Angela BackLink - June 2012

    Angela Backlinks ? June 2012 Here?s the latest packet? Download: h t t p : / / a d f . l y / 8 r h S h (Remove space)
  5. M

    Urgent google algo message - the countdown had begun

    To everyone concerned This message is starting to appear on some the major seo forums and via email, I thought it was important you guys and gals were made aware of this fellow webmasters dream The clock is ticking folks..... ................................. "My dream" Last night I had a...
  6. R

    The $50 in 2012 Thread - SURVIVAL

    What IM method are you willing to bet your life on? It's 2012 now. And, in case you have been living under a rock - things in the SEO world have changed. And keep changing fast. So now, to help us better realize what this means, I propose we put ourselves in an imaginary stress situation...

    Star Wars The Old Republic (PC) Backorder

    So it is my understanding that This game "Star Wars The Old Republic" is backordered and is going for up too 100euros a pop for the countries where it has not been released yet. I have multiple keys w/ dl that will be active next week. Are these worth any money?
  8. T

    IS BLACK HAT SEO DIed in 2012?

    Hello friends as i heard about balckhat world died in 2012? google has updating panda now a days to remove and stop balckhat activity what you say about this? it will work or died?
  9. W

    1000 replies before 2012 - CMONNNN

    Let's make something special in BHW Let's try to make 1000 "Happy new year" or w/e in this thread before the year 2012. FOR MODS : I read the rules and I guess this is allowed, so please keep it :rolleyes:
  10. monsterclicks

    2012: Doomsday? Fall of the Aztec Empire: Return of the Serpent God of the Cross. Mayan Ca

    I dont really belive this crap . . . but it was a interesting watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lcx7JlDeiNk
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