1. aamiramin

    How to Create a Free WordPress Site and Get Free Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

    How to Create a Free WordPress Site and Get Free Hosting: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners Short Intro: Learn how to create a free WordPress site and get free hosting with this comprehensive guide for beginners. Includes step-by-step instructions and tips for optimizing your site for...
  2. Sartanion

    So, how does 000webhost works then?

    Hello, I found this website www.000webhost.com and they offer free web hosting, but that seems all. I read that they aren't registrators of domain names and you have to "just" link your nameservers. What does this mean then? Does that mean that I will have domain registered at for example...
  3. BulletServers

    000Webhost Hacked - 13.5 Million user accounts

    Someone hacked into 000webhost main server and dumped 13.5 million database containing name, last name, email and password read more at http://www.troyhunt.com/2015/10/breaches-traders-plain-text-passwords.html
  4. T

    000webhost, Do they pay or not??

    I have join the affliate in 000webhost but I am worried that they pay the money or they dont?? Please tell me.. Thanks in advance... Please tell me about the best affliates too..
  5. G


    Link WITHOUT Referral Great hosting. For serious web hosters that are just beginning and experts, I would use Hosting24. To experiment I would use there free web host (Note:It doesn't have as many features). 000webhost (Without Ref | With Ref). If you look at what the supply you'll be amazed. +...
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