Zo0mer's Offline Marketing Journal

Hey thanks guys, I had a domain name kind of similar to the original offer. Set up a PHP redirect for 1 of 3 different CPA Companies.

I have also had another today,

2009-09-19 15:50:26

only a few hours ago :D Which awesomely means that I have now hit $186, meaning I have covered the costs of the flyer's and the tape, which I have yet to use.

Total profit is $11 for 1 hour 30min so far, and all costs covered.

perhaps dropping off those flyer's at the Car wash paid off already. :D

So far I have distributed 250 flyer's of the original 5,000, so I have 4,750 left.

I hope to 'get rid' of another 400-500 within the next week.

I am thinking next time supermat007, but it is converting fairly well already

Conversion Rates and clicks are from 18th Aug till now.
Clicks Actions
15 2
22 3
23 0

Kind of Seems that the last company is screwing me over right....

Perhaps I will drop them from the rotation, and I would have another 1 or 2 sign ups?
Looking great Zo0mer,

Well even if its already converting well, with a squeeze page you could then send them more offers, maybe to a site with adsense, promote your OWN product etc etc.

Also its something like 60%+ (I cant remember the number but i know its high) of people DONT purchase or do an action on the first visit, but on the second and third and so on the people that clicked off the first time alot of them actually end up do, its all about squeezing every last penny from them.

Yeh sounds like the 3rd one is not working too well. But its a bit early to tell, its only 23 clicks. You never know the next 4 clicks may all be sales ;) hahah...Maybe wait till 100 clicks on each?

1 and 2 seems to be doing fairly the same...how come number 1 has less clicks though? is it a random rotator and no a increment rotator?
Did you use black and white or color flyers? Also, I am interested in the font size you used and the amount of pictures/graphics you used.

Thanks for your input!
Nice journal!! I want to start offline marketing also doing mostly the same as you are doing right now. I am curious to see a sample of your flyer.

Can you post a picture of 1 of your flyers here?
That would be awsome!! :D.. keep up the good work.
This journal kinda bled to dead. But you could try to do some guerilla marketing. Just put it at few trees / windows / trafficlights < people look at the last one. And if you see for 250 you get arround : 5 people if you do the rest you'll have some nice cash to promote your next venture ;) good luck and hope to see an update soon
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