Yup, another "My site has been penalized" thread - Can I get some help?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jabroni, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Hey BlackHatters,

    Hope you're all well and yeah, yeah I know...it's another "my site has been penalized..waaa, waaa, waaa!" thread..but hoping to get some insights from the people I trust to know their shit the most (That's you lot..Flattery will get you everywhere, right??)

    Ok for those of you who haven't told me to "fuck off" yet :D here are the details..

    My site history : 3 1/2 years old, never been penalized before, 130'ish posts. Getting consistently 500-1000 visitors a day for about 3 of those years from competitive keywords such as Build muscle fast, weight loss workouts, muscle building workouts..which were all top 4 of Google.

    The problem : My site for its main keyword and competitive keywords is nowhere to be found since not necessarily the panda update but more like since Matt Fucks came out with that "ads above the content fold" bullshit algorithm.

    The Changes I made to possibly cause this : My hosting kept going down with shitty WebHostingPad and they eventually suspended my account for using too much resources..They never told me how to fix this even though I hired a billion optimizers who all found nothing wrong with my site. I changed to StableHost and everything has been fine since.

    I also got the site redesigned a couple of months ago, it's still on Wordpress and the same theme with a new custom skin...this kind of coincided with my rankings drop too. The new design now has an image above the fold..you can still see the content..and the image links internally to the site which helps direct users where to go. (This is the reason I think that shitty new algorithm has destroyed my site...It probably thinks the image is an ad or some shit :rolleyes: )

    Anyway, I have a few little keywords that are still on first page that I used to hold number 1 spots for..they are just sitting at the bottom of the first page since this penalty was applied. So I think this is more like a penalty drop rather than deindexing..I am still indexed.

    My traffic now is 100-150 uv a day.

    Backlink profile..I haven't backlinked for ages. At the start I used Directory submissions, Social bookmarking, articles, blog comments..then a bit later I used SB blasts and Linkwheels - (Still no problems for over a year).

    When I noticed this penalty recently, I ordered an article spun and submitted through AMR which made my site pop up briefly on page 6 for one of my competitive keywords but now it's been blasted off the face of the earth again.

    Have no idea wtf is happening.

    Any insights from you guys?

    P.S. Additional info

    I haven't updated content for a while..well I made a post the other week to see if anything changes, it didn't. All my content is unique.

    Thanks a lot bro's (and hoes :D ) - I appreciate your time!
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    Any news about your site?
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    The site redesign was probably a big hit, that could have changed the foundation of the gode. I don't think your site was penalized if you are still holding a first place position, just a hit.