Youtube Tags and Description Question !

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by DemolitionX, Aug 3, 2013.

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    Feb 24, 2013
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    Hey guys, can anyone provide me with a source explaining youtube tags, in terms of what is unnecessary and what isnt.

    For example, if i have the tag "win free iphone 5 now", is it necessary to put the tags "win free iphone 5" or "free iphone 5 now"? Or does the single tag "win free iphone 5 now" also cover all variations of it? I have always wondered about this and have never found a proper explanation....


    Is there any merit or point in putting extra tags in the youtube description? Every now and then I will come across a video which has "IGNORE" and then a huge load of tags related to the video in the description. is this useful or pointless?
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    May 31, 2012
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    This is something I've always wondered about myself. I never found a definite answer so I just put all variations of the tag, it takes more time and uses more of the tags up but then I feel like am on the safe side.

    As for your last question. I am almost certain adding extra tags in the description makes no difference. I've tried putting them in the description before and I am pretty sure it didn't help with the video ranking. They only do it so they can add even more tags than YT allows them to :)
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    it used to work that way , Repeating keywords in description used to make the video rank higher . They patched that now seems like description doesn't matter much anymore.